Housing Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

In traditional years, approximately 2,700 residents will live on campus with University Housing Services. There are approximately 950 residents in the Residential Halls, 700 in the Traditional Halls, 1,000 in the Residential Suites and 18 at the Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies.

University Housing Services consists of the Residential Halls, Traditional Halls and Residential Suites, all located on campus. In addition, we offer a unique living environment at the John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies (CRS), which is only open to current or transfer students.

Due to an abundance of care and caution, University Housing Services has suspended all on-campus tours. Thank you for understanding and support.

Please visit our online tour service by visiting the following link: Click here

University Housing Services is located in Building 74, Secoya, on Kellogg Drive, across the street from the Student Services Building.

All first-time freshmen who graduated from a non-local high school are required to do one of the following to have their Housing hold removed and be eligible to enroll for classes:

  1. Complete a housing application (student housing license agreement) and pay the initial housing fee
  2. Receive an approved exemption from the First-Year Residential Requirement

Please note, submission of an application does not guarantee a student a Housing assignment. Assignments for housing will be given with priority to those that apply early.

For more information about the First-Year Student Residential Requirement or exemption process, please visit the University Housing Webpage.

The safety of residents is of vital concern to University Housing Services (UHS). Though UHS and University Police work closely to provide for your safety, you must take responsibility for developing a safe environment in the residential community. Information about safety both on and around campus is available on our Residential Safety web page.

No, residents may come and go as they please. We understand that students have jobs, study-groups or other engagements that may require them to have the liberty to come and go as needed. We do have quiet hours, which is when the noise level must be kept to a minimum to provide a quiet period for studying and sleeping. Quiet hours are enforced by the resident advisor on-duty from 10pm-8am.

Traditionally the Residential Halls and Traditional Halls are first-year communities. Resident assignments and programming are focused on the needs of a first-year student.

The Residential Suites and the Center for Regenerative Studies are available to continuing, transfer, and graduate students. The Suites allows for residents to have a more independent experience and programming around shared interests.  

Limited spaces are also at the Center for Regenerative Studies (CRS) is also available to continuing, transfer, and graduate residents. This sustainable community operates with the Lyle Center and the College of Regenerative Studies. There is no academic requires for living in this specific community, although residents may choose to take classes in Environmental Design or Regenerative Studies.

Theme communities offer special programming based around a building or floor theme. These communities give you the opportunity to live and learn in environment with other students who have similar majors and/or interests. For information about the different themes of halls and suites please visit the Theme Communities section of the University Housing Services website.

The Residential Halls are conveniently located on Kellogg Drive in the center of campus.

All four Traditional Halls are conveniently located on University Drive on the northern end of campus.

The Residential Suites are located on the southern end of campus on Kellogg Drive, off South Campus Drive.

CRS is located on West University Drive, accessed from Temple Avenue, located near the Farm Store.

All first-time freshmen who graduated from a non-local high school are required to do one of the following to be eligible to enroll for classes.

  1. Complete a housing application (student housing license agreement) and pay the initial housing fee
  2. Receive an approved exemption from the First-Year Residential Requirement

Please note, submission of an application does not guarantee a student a Housing assignment. Assignments for housing will be given with priority to those that apply early.

For more information about the First-Year Student Residential Requirement or exemption process, please visit the University Housing Webpage.


Transfer and continuing students are not required to live on-campus, but can take advantage of living in the Residential SuitesThe Center for Regenerative Studies or at the University Village.

Application Process

Admitted Cal Poly Pomona students are able to submit a housing applications through their Housing Portal. Room assignments and preferences are not guaranteed, and priority is given to students that apply early. Due to extremely high demand for on-campus housing, it is strongly recommended that admitted students apply and pay their initial payment as soon as possible. Students that decide not to attend Cal Poly Pomona and cancel their housing application within the 45-day cancellation deadline, will receive a full refund of their housing fees.

If your admission status is rescinded (canceled), it is your responsibility to cancel your housing application/contract with University Housing Services directly. Your application/contract is NOT canceled automatically if your admission status has been rescinded or if you withdraw. Since students may appeal these decisions, Housing Services will not move to cancel contracts unless the student has confirmed their status.

Please keep in mind that a cancellation request must be submitted through the online form on your Housing Portal account at least 45 days prior to the beginning of the occupancy period (normally the beginning of the quarter).

All incoming first year students are notified of dates/deadlines through the admissions process; returning students are notified through their Cal Poly Pomona email address and through the University Housing Services Weekly Newsletter. Contact University Housing Services at housing@cpp.edu for current information.

Once a student has been admitted to Cal Poly Pomona, they will have access to Housing application. The application process will include: requesting specific building and room preferences, providing personal information and habits, requesting a specific roommate, reading and agreeing to the terms and conditions, and making the initial payment. For instructions on how to apply click here.

Please note, due to high demand and operational need, availability for specific preferences is not guaranteed.

Note to International Students: Since you may not receive your Bronco ID until later in your process, you may request a hardcopy housing application. Please email your request to housing@cpp.edu.

Traditionally, University Housing Services will begin the assignment process and notifying entering Freshmen and Transfers of their assignment or waitlist details beginning the month of June. The assignment process is ongoing and continues throughout summer and into the academic year as spaces become available.

Continuing students typically begin the application and room selection process during the middle of the Spring term. Students that do not apply early enough to participate in room selection will be placed on a waitlist, and University Housing Services will contact students on the waitlist as spaces become available throughout summer and into the academic year as spaces become available.

Specific dates and application details for the upcoming year will be communicated to students through email, the University Housing Services website, and the Housing Portal.

The Housing Office processes Applications throughout the year. Due to the large demand for housing, we encourage students to submit a application as soon as they are made available or as soon as they are admitted to the university. The demand for housing has increased over the years and a waitlist is possible. 

An Exemption is the process by which a first-year freshman is no longer required to live on campus. The process requires that non-local students apply for housing and submit a Exemption Request via the Housing Portal. For more information regarding the first-year freshman requirement and the Exemption process, click here.

The initial payment is submitted after completing the housing application, or within 10 days of completing an application. The initial payment is $450.00, and will be applied to the first quarter of rent that the student is contracted for. After the payment is made, it will be a credit on the student's BroncoDirect account until the fees for the contracted term are posted to BroncoDirect. The initial payment is refundable if the guidelines and deadlines of the cancellation policy are followed.

By approving a resident for a deferment, University Housing Services will postpone the initial payment until your first quarter's rent is due. This is different from requesting additional time beyond the due date of 10 days after application submission. Please note that the total amount of Housing charges is the same with or without a deferment, and does not affect a student’s chances of receiving a housing assignment. Students that are approved for a deferment are still responsible to follow all license agreement terms, including but not limited to, the cancellation policy. If a 45 day notice of my cancellation is not provided to University Housing Services through the student’s Housing Portal, the student will be assessed a charge of $450 or $450 AND up to 30 days room and board


Based on demand for housing, a waitlist may occur. Students may cancel their housing assignments for various reasons, making more spaces available to students on the waitlist. University Housing Services will assign students from the waitlist as spaces become available. Housing Services will work closely with students on the waitlist, assessing their status and providing updates on a continuous basis.

After the first run of assignments, a waitlist is compiled with the names of the students that did not receive a space. Students on the waitlist will be given a waitlist position number in the same order as their date and time the Application was submitted online. Students will continue to be on the waitlist until they are provided an assignment or the student withdraws their name from the waitlist. As we receive cancellations, we contact the next person on the waitlist and offer them the space. We will continue to offer spaces as long as cancellations are received in our office.

A student’s chance of receiving a space from the waitlist is determined by factors such as their position on the waitlist, overall spaces available, and the number of cancellations received in a given year. Every effort is made to place students in the quarter they have requested. If this is not possible, the waitlist is also used to fill spaces mid-quarter or carried over for the following quarter.

If we are unable to offer you a space or you withdraw your name from the waitlist you will receive a full refund once you request to cancel your Housing application. 

To request a roommate, on the application summary page of the application there will be a link to Create/Manage Roommates Groups. You can create a roommate group, then add students to your group by searching for their Bronco ID number. You will be able to add roommates who have also submitted their application and who are NOT in a roommate group already. If you would like to be roommates with someone who is already in a roommate group, you will need to ask them to add you to their group. Changes to Roommate Groups will close once the assignment process for students has begun. Please see your application confirmation email for the date when Roommate Groups closes. Living with your roommate group is not guaranteed. 

The housing application asks questions on regarding personal habits such as questions related to your sleep, study and cleanliness. The answers to theses questions will be used to match others that answered the questions similar to you. Your choices of room type and building preferences will be considered in the assignment processes, but will depend on availability at the time of your application is processed. 

Currently, there is no limitation on the number of years a student can live on-campus. Residents are given an opportunity to re-apply and select their space for the following academic year. The only restriction in place is that the resident must be enrolled in at least 6 units for three quarters out of the four quarters each academic year.

Furniture and Amenities

Once you have been assigned to a space, the Housing Office will send you an email confirmation. This will include information about checking-in and recommendations of items to bring.

Once you have been assigned to a space, the Housing Office will send you an email confirmation. This will include information about checking-in and recommendations of items to bring.

Once you have been assigned to a space, the Housing Office will send you an email confirmation. This will include information about checking-in and recommendations of items to bring. 

No, the University Housing Services furniture is not loftable. Residents are not allowed to create their own lofting equipment.

The beds in the Residence Halls, Suites and Center for Regenerative Studies are all twin, extra long. All assigned residents will receive information about special move-in packages, including a linen ordering service and other special offers from companies such as Bed, Bath and Beyond. Be sure to check your email and the Housing website for special move-in offers.

Each room is furnished with a bed and desk for each resident. Students may not remove the furniture that is provided (State property) and limited space would prohibit bringing in additional furniture.

Descriptions and illustrations of room layout and dimensions are found on the Housing Options website.

Personally owned refrigerators up to a maximum of 3.7 cubic feet are allowed only in the Residence & Traditional Halls or Center for Regenerative Studies. A waterproof mat must be placed underneath a refrigerator to protect the floor/carpet.

Refrigerators are not allowed in the Residential Suites without the express permission of University Housing Services.

Microwaves are provided in the kitchen area of the Residential Suites. Halls residents may bring a small microwave or bring a microwave and refrigerator combination. Since space is limited, residents in the halls should consult with their roommates to see if they are also planning on bringing a refrigerator. 

Guest and Quarter Break

Visitors must purchase a parking permit from either the Parking Information booth located in F8 or from one of the many self-serve booths located throughout campus.  Visitors may park in any student parking lot, with the exception of parking lots F2, P, and the marked areas of lot B, which are reserved for on-campus residential community parking (Residence Halls and/or Suites). Multiple day passes are also available.

Residents may invite guests of any gender into their room, being respectful of roommate preferences and staying within the guidelines that are outlined in the Student Housing License Agreement. For overnight guests, there are limits to the frequency and length of time and must have roommate consent. Residents are responsible for their guests and must escort them in the building at all times. To register a guest, contact the Housing Office for details.

All residence hall and suites are closed throughout the winter break period. Students needing to stay in their rooms during winter break must submit a request with University Housing Services during Fall Semester. Students approved for a stayover may be relocated to a temporary location and will be charged an additional fee.

University Housing is open throughout Thanksgiving and Spring Break. Students may remain in their rooms if desired.

You may leave your belongings in the room during the break.  We do encourage residents to take valuable items home and unplug any electronics/appliances.  Please be sure to lock your windows and door.


Newly admitted freshmen and transfer students, who have completed a housing application, will receive notification of their assignment or waitlist status late spring/early summer.

process. If student did not apply early enough to participate in room selection they will be placed on a waitlist, and University Housing Services will contact students on the waitlist as spaces become available.

Residents are able to contact their roommates via the Housing Portal Messages page.

We do our best to match students with the best possible roommate(s) based on the information that is provided in the housing application. If a roommate conflict arises, we encourage residents to try to work out a resolution. If this does not work, the Resident Advisors and Residence Life Area Coordinators are trained and available to assist in resolving issues.

Residents may request a room change during the room change periods. Detailed information including when the Room Change Request period deadline is included in the Weekly Newsletter, which is sent to all residents Cal Poly Pomona email. If the room change request is due to a roommate conflict, please contact your resident advisor. Your resident advisor will assist you in deciding a temporary or permanent solution.

University Housing Services works closely with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) to address any accommodation needs for our residents as it relates to their housing assignment. Students needing specific accommodations must FIRST contact the Disability Resource Center or drc@cpp.edu.


You may request to cancel your Housing License Agreement by submitting the online form on your Housing Portal account at least 45 days prior to the beginning of the occupancy period.

If your request to cancel is received with less than 45 days’ notice or after the beginning of the occupancy period there will be cancellation fees depending on the date that the cancellation request was received.

If your admission status is rescinded or you decide not to attend Cal Poly Pomona you must submit a cancellation request through the online form on your Housing Portal account. Changes to your admission status, disqualifications, or decisions not to attend are NOT an automatic cancellation of your housing contract. Please follow the procedures in the previous question to avoid any additional charges.

Your Student Housing License Agreement period depends on the first semester for which you contract, but always ends the last day of the Spring Semester for that Academic Year. If you wish to be released from your License Agreement before this end date:

  • You must contact the Housing Office and request a Petition to Cancel with a housing staff member. We will then send you the Petition to Cancel link to your CPP email.
  • You will need to write a personal statement outlining the reason for the cancellation of your contract, along with attaching supporting documents when you submit your request.
  • Requests will only be considered once, make sure you have everything you want considered before you submit.
  • Approval of your request will be based on your statement of reasons and the appropriateness of the supporting documentation.
  • Your request may or may not dictate a meeting with a representative from University Housing Services.
  • Approvals are made on a rare case by case basis and most commonly result from (1) end of student status; (2) marriage; (3) extreme hardship

If you have met the cancellation requirement listed on the License Agreement Terms & Conditions and your cancellation request has been approved, you may be eligible to receive a full or prorated refund based on your release date. The procedure is different for those who cancel before moving in and for those who cancel after moving in. Please note that most students will be charged up to 30 days of rent, unless a newly assigned student is placed in the room.

After a resident completes the terms of their license agreement, staff will complete a room inspection and process any applicable damages and/or key charges.  Students typically have their accounts and security deposits processed and reflected on their BroncoDirect account within 6 weeks of move out. Please note, the Cashier’s Office will not release any refunds if a student has any outstanding fees posted onto their account.

If you are held responsible for lock outs, lost keys, and/or damages to your room or common area, UHS will post “Damage” charges to your BroncoDirect account. If you would like to know the specifics of the charges, or security deposit refund, please email us at housing@cpp.edu with your name, Bronco ID number, and any necessary details

First Year Residential Requirement

Current and past residents will testify that living on campus makes adjusting to college life easier. Residents make life-long friends, have easy access to campus resources and have opportunities to participate in a wide range of academic, educational and recreational activities.  Research shows that living on campus, particularly the first year, has been tied to greater student success, including social development, higher retention rates, elevated graduation rates, increased overall satisfaction with the college experience and stronger educational aspirations from the residents (Astin, 1991, 1993).

The Office of Admissions and Outreach will include this information in its correspondence with new and pending admits. Students will also see Housing Holds and Checklist Items reflected on their Bronco Direct account until the necessary steps have been taken. University Housing Services will also send out information regarding contracting timelines and procedures. Follow-up information will be sent via the student’s Cal Poly Pomona email account.

We understand that the Freshmen Housing Requirement may create a burden or hardship under certain circumstances. With this in mind, there are exemptions that will be considered. For more information please visit the Freshmen Housing Application Requirement page .

Housing opportunities are open to all students. With the addition of the new Residential Halls in Spring 2020, there are over 3,000 spaces to offer. Priority is always given to those who wish to or need to live on campus. The residential requirement does not conflict with this process.

The cost of housing includes room and meal plan fees and is based on the community and meal plan chosen. Please visit the UHS Cost Tables page for more detailed information .

There were several considerations taken in making this decision. In developing the campus’ master plan, the campus expressed the support for and interest in developing a residential campus. More recently, the campus has been charged with increasing the six-year graduation rate of our students. As studies have supported, students who live on campus are more likely to have a higher grade point average, take less time to earn a degree and overall are more satisfied with their college experience. Despite the current economic challenges and the ensuing impact on campus, the University remains committed to student success.  These factors were the driving force behind the decision to require on campus housing for the first year of college.

General Check-In Information

Residents are welcome to bring their bicycles to campus. Bicycles must be stored at the designated racks throughout the communities.

Cal Poly residents will use their Bronco ID Card as their meal card. Present your card at Center Pointe Dining Commons when using your meals from your meal plan option. Meal Points are also allocated on your Bronco ID Card and can be used at food establishments located in the Campus Center Marketplace and Bronco Student Center as well as Denny's, Vista Market, and the Pony Express in The College of Business Building. No credit or refunds for unused meals and meal points expire at the end of each academic year (Spring).

If you have not received your Bronco ID Card, you will need to do so at the Photo ID office, located on the 2nd floor of the Student Services Building. You must provide a valid government issued identification with photo or a Driver’s License

Traditional Halls residents will be issued one room key. Residential Suites residents will receive a building/suite key card and room key. These keys must not be duplicated. For security reasons any lost, stolen, or misplaced key(s) must be reported to the Housing Office, located in Building 75 within 24 hours. Lost keys will result in a lockset change and a new key will be issued for all roommates. A charge of $80.00 will be assessed for a lost room key and subsequent lockset change.

Residential Halls residents will use their university issued Bronco ID card to enter into their assigned building and room. The replacement charge for lost Bronco ID’s will be set by the Cal Poly Pomona Card Office.

 For security reasons, resident’s keys must not be loaned or transferred to anyone else at any time.

At the end of each week, University Housing Services sends out a UHS Weekly Newsletter message to all residents. These emails are meant to communicate important updates, reminders and deadlines for various events and processes. If you have your e-mail forwarded to another e-mail address, please be sure to add the UHS address (housing@cpp.edu) to your safe list. Please review these messages carefully as they are a primary source of communication between the Housing Office and the resident.

Parents can also stay informed. A copy of the Weekly Newsletter is placed on the Announcements page. You may also check the Parent page for pertinent housing information.

Although we are restricted in sharing student information by FERPA regulations (see below), we are open to working with families upon permission of the student. Students can fill out a Confidentiality Release form on the Housing website to allow a parent, guardian, or other person to have access to their information.

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, sets forth requirements regarding the privacy of student records. FERPA governs the limited release of these records (known as education records) maintained by an educational institution and access to these records. For more information on FERPA regulations please visit http://www.ed.gov/policy/gen/reg/ferpa/index.html.

Wireless Connection is supported in the Residence Halls. Wireless Internet access is also available at the Bronco Student Center, Campus Market Place, Denny's, Residential Suites, the University Library and Academic Buildings.

Each room is equipped with campus satellite television reception. You will need to provide your own coaxial cable.

When operational, University Housing Services provides all residents free access to Fitness Express, a full body fitness facility. It is located in La Cienega Center, Building 59 and is open when school is in session. If you are interested in using the Fitness Express, you will need to complete an orientation and fill out a liability form. Orientations are approximately thirty minutes. Housing staff will provide you a card with access to Fitness Express. Your card will be activated the next business day after you complete your orientation and turn in the liability form.

Lost card keys must be reported within 24 hours and a $15.00 fee will be assessed to replace it.

University Housing Services may close Fitness Express to comply with university health & safety protocols and/or University Housing Services operational need.

As part of your housing contract, you paid the annual fee of $45.00 for the Interhall Council (IHC). Membership provides you access to recreational equipment and discounted entry to programs, events and activities planned by IHC. Visit the IHC Webpage for more information.

Halls and Suites:

  • Parking is available for students in several lots across campus, including the parking structure located between Oak and Magnolia Lane, off Cypress Lane. You must have a Cal Poly Pomona parking hang tag to park in student lots. Decals are sold via online, please see Parking and Transportation Services website for cost and purchase instructions.
  • Reserved parking for residents is available in Lots F1, P, and part of Lot B.

Center for Regenerative Studies:

  • You must purchase a Cal Poly Pomona parking decal. Decals are sold via online, please see Parking and Transportation Services website for cost and purchase instructions.
  • Residents at the Center for Regenerative Studies are limited to one vehicle per person and may park at the top of the hill. Please do not park in areas marked for staff, faculty or emergency vehicles. The Bronco Express shuttle service stops at the top of the hill at the entrance to CRS and at the bottom of the hill, at the Farm Store (Route B).
  • During the day, parking at CRS is on a first come first serve basis since there are classrooms that meet at the Center. This lot requires a special sticker. To obtain your resident parking sticker, please bring your Bronco ID Card and Cal Poly Pomona parking decal to the Office of Regenerative Studies (Building 209 Room 101).

Parking Services has no grace period to obtain the University hangtag. Vehicles without a hangtag will receive a citation (ticket).

Safety Tip: If you park your automobile or motorcycle for long periods of time, be sure to check on it periodically, keep your vehicle looking clean and maintained, and move it from time to time.

Postal mail and any packages from USPS, FedEX, UPS, etc. are delivered to the UHS Package Room. Residents will be notified to pick up their mail or packages. For more information, please visit our Mail and Package Information page.

Your mail should be addressed as follows: 


Alamitos Hall

[Licensee's Name]

22 University Drive, Room #

Pomona, CA 91768-2257

Vista Bonita

[Licensee’s Name]

60 Kellogg Drive, Suite #

Pomona, Ca 91768-2257

Vista De Las Estrellas

[Licensee’s Name]

54 Kellogg Drive, Suite #

Pomona, CA 91768-2257

Aliso Hall

[Licensee's Name]

23 University Drive, Room #

Pomona, CA 91768-2257

Vista Del Sol

[Licensee's Name]

61 Kellogg Drive, Suite #

Pomona, CA 91768-2257

Center for Regenerative Studies

[Licensee's Name]

4105 West Temple Ave. Room #

Pomona, CA 91768-2257

Encinitas Hall

[Licensee's Name]

20 University Drive, Room #

Pomona, CA 91768-2257

Vista De La Luna

[Licensee’s Name]

63 Kellogg Drive, Suite #

Pomona, CA 91768-2257

Sicomoro Hall

[Licensee’s Name]

73 Kellogg Drive, Room #

Pomona, CA 91768-2257

Montecito Hall

[Licensee's Name]

21 University Drive, Room #

Pomona, CA 91768-2257

Vista De Las Montanas

[Licensee’s Name]

62 Kellogg Drive, Suite #

Pomona, CA 91768-2257

Secoya Hall

[Licensee’s Name]

74 Kellogg Drive, Suite #

Pomona, CA 91768-2257

The campus and University Housing Services is committed to adopting sustainable practices. As a member of the campus and local community, we ask that you partner with us in reducing waste and conserving energy and water.

Please help us reduce the amount of trash that is taken to landfills. Every room has a blue recycle bin to collect paper, glass, plastic, cartons and other recyclable materials, even used pizza boxes! Recyclables may be deposited in the white metal recycling bins outside the building. After moving in, don’t forget to recycle those cardboard boxes! Help us make a difference!

Help us conserve energy - Turn off computers, unplug unused electrical devices and turn off the lights when not in use or when you leave your room or are out for the day.

Help us conserve water - Turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth and take shorter showers. This helps to save gallons of water per day per resident!

All buildings are locked 24 hours per day. Visiting guests should be met by residents to be given access to the buildings. Residents are responsible for escorting their guests. Please refer to the Guest Policy in the Student Housing License Agreement. The safety of the community depends on each resident’s cooperation in restricting access to the buildings.

In compliance with Executive Order 1108, all California State Universities have adopted a campus-wide “Smoke Free” policy. “Smoke Free” means the use of cigarettes, pipes, cigars, and other “smoke” emanating products including e-cigarettes, vapor devices and other like products are prohibited on all University properties.

Payments are delinquent if not paid by the due date as shown in the cost tables posted on the Housing website. A $50.00 late charge will be assessed if paid after the due date. It is the student’s responsibility to assure that payments are made on time. Any resident who fails to make payment on time will have their meal plan suspended without compensation for missed meals and risks jeopardizing their housing contract. In addition, unpaid balances also result in hold being placed on student accounts which will affect class registration. Students may check the status of their account by looking at their Account Summary on Bronco Direct. Please make all housing and meal plan payments using your BroncoDirect account.

Students should contact  Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships and Student Accounting & Cashiering Services for procedures and/or questions regarding payments deferred to Financial Aid Awards. Payment schedules and due dates for those receiving awards may vary.

The student is responsible for tracking their disbursements each semester to assure that Housing charges have been paid. For many students, Financial Aid awards may not cover their full tuition and housing fees and the student is responsible for paying the balance of fees.

Disbursements of funds may occur before your housing and meal plan fees are posted. It is recommended that financial aid recipients verify that their housing fees have been posted and paid in full before cashing any financial checks.

There will be a Resident Advisor and an Area Coordinator on Duty every evening and all day during the weekends and the breaks. The duty roster and the contact information for staff on duty will be posted at the front desk.

In case of an EMERGENCY call University Police (909) 869-3070

Each bedroom includes a wastebasket and a recyclable bin in the kitchen. Both trash and recyclables should be removed and emptied properly into the designated trash room or trash bins for your assigned community. Throwing your personal trash in any other location (lobby, restroom, and staircase) will result in a penalty charge and possible disciplinary action.

Meal Plan

Foundation Dining Services manages the meal plan program on campus. They offer a choice of five different meal plans offering a wide range of choices to suit every need. Please review the Meal Plan Options page for more details.

Requests to change meal plans must use the Meal Plan Request form available on the Housing Portal

There are a few restrictions:

  1. You may make changes to your meal plan prior to moving in. Once you have moved in, you are locked into that plan, UNLESS you need to increase it.
  2. To decrease or increase your meal plan for the next semester, complete a Meal Plan Request form using the Housing Portal during the Meal Plan Change time period. Please check the important dates listed in the Housing Weekly Newsletter to know when the change period dates will be open.

You may increase your meal plan at any time by emailing housing@cpp.edu.


Meal points are equivalent to money and depending on your meal plan, an amount is allocated on your Bronco ID Card each semester.  Each meal point is equivalent to a dollar and is used to purchase food in any of the dining establishments or convenience stores on campus and may also be used at the Farm Store. Meal Points may not be used for books or other non-food items.

Any unused meal points will roll over from Fall semester to Spring semester during the Academic Year, as long as you continue to reside in the Residence Halls, Residential Suites or Center for Regenerative Studies. Any unused meal points at the end of the Spring Semester are forfeited. In addition, if a resident cancels their Housing License Agreement or their meal plan, any unused meal points are forfeited.

Bronco Bucks is a fast, convenient, and cash-less way to do transactions on campus.  Any student/staff/faculty can add Bronco Bucks to their Bronco ID Card without having a meal plan or in addition to a meal plan.  The Bronco Bucks Account is a declining balance account used like a debit card. You deposit money into your account and these funds may be spent using your Bronco ID Card at any food venue, convenience store and bookstore.   Please keep in mind, if you have both Meal Points and Bronco Bucks, be sure to let the Cashier know which type of account you would like to use to make your purchase.

Center Pointe Dining Commons offers a wide range of food choices and is intentional in providing healthy options throughout the day. In the case where a student has a dietary concern or allergy they may contact the Foundation Dining Nutritionist at fdnutrition@cpp.edu for a consultation and accommodation.

The card may be defective. You may take your Bronco ID card to the Photo ID Office located in the Student Services Building 121. The card may have been reported as lost/stolen. Contact the Bronco Card Office and/or the Bronco Bucks Office at (909) 869-5073 to have your card taken off of the lost/stolen list.

Additionally, if you have an outstanding balance (overdue account for housing and meal plan fees) your meal plan may have been suspended. If this is the case, please contact University Housing Services at housing@cpp.edu or (909)869-3307.


The cost to live on-campus varies depending on the room type, meal plan and payment option you contracted. For more information, please visit our Housing Cost Table Page

Yes, students must submit the Initial Payment of $450.00 once they have completed the online Application. If you did not pay your Initial Payment at the time of applying, you can return to your application on the Housing Portal to make the payment. Your application will not be considered complete without paying the initial payment or receiving a deferment of the initial payment.  Students requesting a deferment will be given the same opportunity for a space as students that pay the initial payment in full.

The remaining charges for rent, meal plan, and security deposit will be posted according to an annual, posted fee/payment schedule.

If you anticipate receiving or have applied for financial aid, you are still responsible for paying the initial payment. Once your financial aid is disbursed, it will pay your tuition first and the remainder will be used toward housing. If you do not receive enough aid to cover your housing or if your aid is not disbursed, you will be required to pay the balance by the scheduled due date.

The University's Student Accounting and Cashering Services accepts payments for University Housing Services. For details on payment options please visit the Student Accounting website.

The Housing Office does not send out bills prior to posting fees on students’ Bronco Direct account. Details of the annual fee/payment schedule will be posted on the Housing website (view Cost Table here) and residents’ Housing Portal, as well as email reminders communicated via the weekly newsletter and emails.

By default, all residents will have each semester fees separated into three (3) installments. Residents may request to have their annual fees posted in full by emailing (housing@cpp.edu) or by visiting the Housing Office, Building 74, Monday through Friday between 8:00am-5:00pm. Please keep in mind depending on when the request is received, the change may not be effective until the following semester.

Residents needing an extension of a due date should contact the Housing Office by email, phone, or in-person to discuss their circumstances and timeline with the Housing staff and prevent any late penalties.

IHC stands for InterHall Council, which is the student government for the residential communities. The cost is $45 per year and it gives you access to the recreational equipment and discounted entry to programs and activities planned by IHC.