Themed Communities


University Housing Services offers themed communities to residents. In these communities, residents enjoy events, programs, and more while living on campus.


There is a College Themed Community for each of the colleges at Cal Poly Pomona, as well as communities for undeclared students and Kellogg Honors students. Programming and events are centered around community building, first-year success, and connecting to your college’s faculty and staff.


A first-year living community is a student housing program designed for incoming college students. The goal of the program is to provide a supportive and inclusive environment where students can transition smoothly into college life. The benefits of living in a first-year community include opportunities to meet and make new friends, engage in social and educational programs, and receive academic and personal support from staff and peers. It is a great way for students to get involved in campus life and build a strong foundation for their college experience.

Location: Residential Halls and Traditional Halls


The student body in these communities is composed of upper-division students, primarily those who are in their second year and beyond. As residents, they will have the opportunity to participate in a diverse array of events and activities tailored to meet the needs and interests of experienced college students. These opportunities serve to foster a sense of community and provide an enriching environment for continued personal and academic growth.

Location: Residential Suites


The residents of this community are predominantly transfer students, making it a hub of support and camaraderie for those who have made the transition to a new academic setting. To cater to the specific needs and experiences of transfer students, a range of events and activities are designed to foster a sense of belonging and promote growth both personally and academically. From workshops and trips to leadership opportunities, this community provides a dynamic and enriching environment for transfer students to thrive.

Location: Residential Suites

There is no extra fee, or registration needed to join.

Yes! All residents are able to attend Themed Community events. Whether you live in the Residental Suites, Residential Halls, or Traditional Halls, all are welcome!