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Bronco ScholarWorks FAQs

Bronco ScholarWorks is Cal Poly Pomona's institutional repository. Bronco ScholarWorks is intended to provide persistent and reliable access to scholarly and creative outputs of Cal Poly Pomona faculty, staff, and students and is an initiative of the University Library. The digital content housed in this repository is accessible, durable, and permanent. It is intended to support instruction, research, scholarship, and creative activities of those associated with Cal Poly Pomona.

Long-Term Preservation: Research materials deposited in Bronco ScholarWorks are stored for long-term preservation by the University Library. Digital content in Bronco ScholarWorks is assigned a unique identifier that can be used for persistent, reliable access to research output by students and faculty at CPP.

Impact of Scholarship: Digital content in Bronco ScholarWorks is regularly indexed by Google Scholar, freely available to anyone with an Internet connection, and accessible from anywhere in the world. Depositing materials in a multidisciplinary repository such as Bronco ScholarWorks heightens the visibility of your content by colleagues, collaborators, and other researchers.

Open Access: Students, faculty, and researchers increasingly expect information resources to be freely available on the Internet. Depositing materials in Bronco ScholarWorks contributes to the online availability of research output and increases the global accessibility to scholarship at CPP.

Bronco ScholarWorks highlights the research activity, creative output, and scholarship of students and faculty at CPP. Materials eligible for deposit include: student theses and dissertations, undergraduate research including presentations, posters, research papers, etc., which have been sponsored by a faculty mentor, journal articles and essays, learning objects and materials, conference proceedings, papers and presentations, grant-funded research reports and data sets with open access requirements.

Only works done under a faculty advisor with the advisors permission can be deposited into Bronco ScholarWorks. If you're an undergraduate student interested in depositing student research papers and projects in Bronco ScholarWorks, please fill out the form here. The Bronco ScholarWorks team will reach out to your advisor for approval, once approved, your paper will be processed and included in the repository. If you have any questions about the process feel free to reach out the Bronco ScholarWorks team at

If you're a faculty member interested in depositing learning objects in Bronco ScholarWorks, please contact Bronco ScholarWorks by email and we will be in touch.

Supplemental materials related to a thesis, research article, and other research output deposited in Bronco ScholarWorks can be included in one submission. At the Upload stage of the submission process, click upload file and add another to include multiple files in your deposit.

Bronco ScholarWorks accepts most file formats. If you have a concern about a type of format, please reach out to the Bronco ScholarWorks team at

If you are interested in depositing a published work in Bronco ScholarWorks, be sure to review the copyright and self-archiving policies issued by the original publication/publisher . SHERPA/RoMEO provides a searchable database of policies by publisher name, journal title, or ISSN. The University Library can also assist in identifying publisher copyright and self-archiving policies. Email us at

The University Library can assist with some copyright and fair use guidelines, see our research guide or contact for more information. More extensive information on copyright and authors rights is available the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC). For information on copyright protection, registration, and other general issues visit the United States Copyright FAQ.

Digital content in Bronco ScholarWorks can be located by keyword search or browsing. You can search the CSU wide system or by specific campus. Using the Search box, you can search by author name, subject or submission/resource type.

Google Scholar will index content from Bronco ScholarWorks on a regular basis. As long as your file is created pursuant to the guidelines for indexing in Google Scholar, your content should appear in Google Scholar as well as Bronco ScholarWorks.

It is advantageous for you to deposit your learning objects both in Bronco ScholarWorks and Merlot. Merlot provides links to learning objects and materials on external sites and therefore does not provide hosting of your content; Bronco ScholarWorks provides hosting for content. You could conceivably load your content to Bronco ScholarWorks and link to the Bronco ScholarWorks content from Merlot.

Bronco ScholarWorks is maintained by the University Library at Cal Poly Pomona. Can't find what you're looking for or need further assistance? Email us at

You can view the thesis/project checklist here. You can also view the Graduate Studies website for more information here.