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Academic Skills

What are Academic Skills?

Time management, goal-setting, staying motivated, taking good notes, studying for exams, ...We are expected to know how to do these things, but who teaches us? The LRC's Academic Skills program shares metacognitive learning strategies and positive academic habits to promote meaningful and life-long learning. Programs in academic skills serve as a viable alternative to help support and improve students' academic success and performance. Students gain the confidence and motivation to persist in their courses, regardless of the challenges they may face.

Goals of Academic Skills:

  • Provide assistance in developing necessary learning strategies
  • Assist students in cultivating the confidence and motivation to succeed in any college course
  • Improve student success to help increase graduation and retention rates
  • Show how metacognitive learning strategies can enable students to understand the way they learn

Our Services:

We want our How to Learn series to be available to every student in every situation.

  • One-to-one Sessions  

One-to-one sessions at the LRC are the best way to have an individualized conversation with a Learning Strategist about your academic skillset. Our Learning Strategists cover three major components of Academic Skills: Learning Strategies (note-taking, reading, exam prep, etc.); Productivity (time-management, planners, habits, etc.); and, Mindset (motivation, self-perception, growth-mindset, etc.). The How to Learn material is extremely flexible. We cover what you want to focus on. To set up your first session, email

  • Academic Skills Workshops and Videos
    • StudentLingo is a series of interactive on-demand workshops, action plans, and valuable resources focused on helping students achieve their academic, personal, and career goals.

    • Academic Skills workshops conducted by LRC Learning Strategists
    • Subscribe to our YouTube channel, LRC Clips, for byte-sized videos that focus on the academic skills essential to academic success.
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"I know you may not want to do academic coaching, but from my experience, this is something that I wish I could have had when I started college. Don't take this for granted and listen to the key points. I promise you'll be a better students after this. I definitely am."

-- T.E.

“Because of my experience, I am more confident to engage and start discussions in class, not be afraid to ask questions, and even help students around me."

-- H.P.

“I didn’t notice how much these skills impacted my learning until I breezed through every exam.”


"This has been an eye-opening experience. Participating in the Academic Skills Program allowed me to adopt a more optimistic mindset."

— S. G.

"Meeting on a weekly basis helped me relearn things that I forgot how to do throughout college. And not just relearn them, but how to use them more effectively and helped me find the confidence to utilize them in class."

— H. S.

The Learning Resource Center is a great place to gain new academic skills, but your classroom or center may be even better. After all, why not develop learning strategies in the very place they'll be used most?

Please complete the Faculty Request form or reach out to schedule an Academic Skills workshop for your students at (909)869-3502 or