CPP-UCR Master's Bridges to PhD (B2D) Program

B2D Student Requirements


Academic Requirements:  Maintain a MINIMUM Science CPP GPA of 3.00, complete CPP and UCR coursework, MS research project, write MS thesis, give oral defense, submit thesis to CPP Graduate Office.


Non-Program concurrent Commitments: Notify the B2D Program Director (PD, Dr. Buckley), Mentoring and Workshop Coordinator (MWC, Dr. Lin), Program Administrator (PA, Ms. Airan Alvarado Jansen) and your CPP Faculty Research Mentor (FRM) of any paid or unpaid commitments outside of this program. We strongly discourage holding a regular job outside of this program during the academic year and do not accept students holding a job outside of this program during the summers while participating in B2D.


Research Projects at CPP and UCR: Participate in a MS research project under the supervision of CPP FRM in consultation with UCR FRM. This includes completing any activities that may be required (e.g., experiments, meetings, presentations). Make steady progress on the research project (targets for acceptable progress will be provided by CPP FRM and UCR FRM).


Lab Notebook: Maintain a detailed laboratory notebook of all my research work which will be submitted for review to my CPP FRM on a regular basis.


Summer work: At start of program in August, I will participate and complete all assignments in the 8h/day workshops.  I will commit to a 10-week, 40hr/week Research Project at UCR and/or CPP.


Research time requirement (academic year): During the two academic years in the program, I will work on my MS research project. If I have competing deadlines such as exams/papers, I will adjust my schedule to continue to ensure I am spending as much time as needed on my research without sacrificing my academic performance.


Professional Skills Workshops & Guest Speaker Seminars (academic year): During the two academic years in the program, I will attend all the Wednesdays (5:30 to 7PM) and Fridays (noon to 1:30PM or 1PM to 2:30PM) workshops and complete all assignments for these workshops on time.


Absences: If I am not able to attend a given B2D activity, I will notify the PD (Dr. Buckley), MWC (Dr. Lin), the PA (Ms. Jansen) and my CPP FRM by email no later than 24 hours before the activity.


Student responsibility for monitoring program developments: I will check my e-mail accounts and cell phone texts along with the program website on a daily basis for B2D information (e.g. both my CPP email address and alternate email address that has been provided on my B2D application).


Program Evaluation:  I will complete ALL evaluation surveys and participate in other program evaluation activities such as focus groups as requested.


Conference Participation:

1.         Attend and present at least one poster of my research at a scientific research conference, which includes:

a.     Submission of my presentation abstract to my CPP FRM for editing and then to UCR FRM for further review at least 10 days prior to the abstract submission due date; Submission of the approved abstract to the PA (Ms. Jansen).

b.     Attend conference(s) ONLY after receiving written approval from my CPP FRM (e-mail is acceptable) and notification of intent to attend conference sent to the PD (Dr. Buckley) and PA (Ms.  Jansen).

2.      If I do not present my research at a conference that I attend, I will submit a one-page report within one week after I return from the conference to my CPP FRM and to the PA (Ms. Jansen). At a minimum, the report will include a summary of how what I learned at the conference relates to my research project or other research work in which I am involved or interested in pursuing at some time.

a.  B2D will provide funds for me to travel to and participate in scientific conferences while I am a B2D participant. NIH will pay for registration fees, airfare, transportation, lodging and per diem. I must submit all necessary paperwork, as instructed by the PA, within 14 days of my return from the conference




Research Symposium Attendance: I will attend the CPP College of Science Student Research Symposium or other CPP Student Research Symposia during the years of my B2D participation.


Research Oral Presentations: Deliver at least one oral presentation of my research at CPP Student Research Symposia and/or other professional STEM Meetings (e.g. SACNES, ABRCMS) during my B2D participation.


Ph.D. Program Application Requirement: Submit a minimum of five (5) fully completed applications to Ph.D. Programs within 1-5 years of completing B2D. Forward to the PA (Ms. Jansen), and the PD (Dr. Buckley), a copy of the communication from the institution that documents notification of acceptance to any PhD Programs.


Commitments to the B2D Program Director (PD, Dr. Buckley), Mentoring and Workshop Coordinator (MWC, Dr. Lin) and the Program Administrator (PA, Ms. Jansen)

·       Meet at least monthly with CPP MWC (Dr. Lin)

·       Keep B2D PD, MWC and PA informed of my expected graduation date

·       Notify B2D PD, MWC and PA of any awards or professional activities that I receive or participate in.

·       Notify B2D PD, MWC and PA of graduate school applications, graduate school acceptance(s), decisions to attend graduate school and any research-related jobs.

·       Inform B2D PD, MWC and PA of any post-graduate (after graduation) activities, including graduate school degrees, awards, jobs or publications.

·       Attend scheduled meetings with peers, pre-doctoral student panel sessions


Commitment to your CPP and UCR Faculty Research Mentors (FRM)

1.     Schedule and meet regularly with my CPP FRM so that they are (a) always aware of my research progress, (b) my academic course work, (c) career goals, (d) progress toward achieving my career goals, and (e) any problems or concerns that I may have.

2.     Provide my CPP FRM and the B2D PD (Dr. Buckley) every month with an email describing in a few paragraphs how I have spent my research and workshop time during the previous 2-week pay period.

3.     Notify my CPP FRM, UCR FRM and the B2D PD (Dr. Buckley) in advance of schedule conflicts, appointments that cannot be made, or personal emergencies that would prevent me from participating in B2D activities.

4.     Work with my FRM to review and update my IDP each term.


Reporting to B2D Administration

1.    Report all awards, scholarships, presentation titles and abstracts to PA (Ms. Jansen adalvarado@cpp.edu) within 2 weeks of receiving such notifications.

2.    Report annually about your STEM experiences after leaving the program (15 years post award). Let us know what you are doing and let us know of any changes in mailing address, phone number and e-mail address.