CPP-UCR Master's Bridges to PhD (B2D) Program

B2D Symposium


Cohort 2 & 3 Presenters

CARS 2023 cohort 2 and 3

Isabel Romero (Cohort 3) 
Utilizing blocking antibodies to determine which receptors impact the success
of neutrophil-like cells’ killing of Trichomonas vaginalis
Summer Research PI: Dr. Frances Mercer (CPP)

Ana Alcarez-Echeveste (Cohort 3) 
Understanding developmental and molecular changes underlying flower
development and floral organ abscission in Delphinium
Summer Research PI: Dr. Bharti Sharma (CPP)

Arnel Ibarra (Cohort 3) 
Understanding the mechanism of Daple-PDGFRB Gene Fusion in Leukemia
Summer Research PI: Dr. Jason Ear (CPP)

Sydnie Chase (Cohort 2) 
Comparative analysis of kinetic dynamics between yeast and human eIF4F on
a cross-species mRNA set
Summer Research PI: Dr. Sean O’Leary (UCR)

Diego Henriquez (Cohort 2) 
Loss of PTPN2 may result in weakened intestinal mucosal barrier and
facilitate E. coli invasion in mice
Summer Research PI: Dr. Declan McCole (UCR)

Keven Kwok (Cohort 2) 
Alternaria Induced Lung Inflammation triggers changes in the neural
respiratory circuit that are dependent on vagal nerve communication between
lung and brain.
Summer Research PI: Dr. Monica Carson (UCR)

Addyson Hebbert (Cohort 3) 
Investigating the mechanism of pyramid formation by the C92 protein
Summer Research PI: Dr. Jamie Snyder (CPP)

Joseph Alas (Cohort 3) 
Studying the Effects of Genistein on the Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cell Cycle  
Summer Research PI: Dr. Karine Le Roch (UCR)



Cohort 1 Presenters 


Ashley Ramirez
Swarm, Bite, Digest: How Neutrophils attack Trichomonas vaginalis
Nathalie Nadales
Effect of THC and the role of the peripheral cannabinoid receptor (CB2R) on resistance to systemic Candida albicans (C. albicans) infection in immune suppressed and immune competent male mice
Will Cruz
Endocannabinoid and Cannabinoid-Like Levels in Diet Induced Obese Mice Plasma: Understanding the role of Muscarinic Acetylcholine Receptors’ inhibition on EC production
Christian Ordaz
Garlic modulates LPS-induced pro-inflammatory molecule production differently from J774A.1 and RAW264.7 murine macrophages


Cohort 2 Presenters 


Joseph Alas
Using HU to cause cell cycle arrest and use genistein to see if G1/S phase override occurs
Keven Kwok
The Role of CMKLR1-Expressing DCs During WNV Encephalitis
Diego Henriquez
Effects of Alternative Liposomal Amphotericin B Treatment Regiment on Pulmonary Aspergillosis in Metabolically Normal and Obese Mice
Sydnie Chase
Investigating Genetic Systems for Sulfolobus Turreted Icosahedral Virus 3 (STIV3) in Sulfolobus species of archaea