College of Science

Credit by Challenge Examination

According to University policy, to challenge a course, all of the following conditions must apply:

  • Student is an undergraduate enrolled during the quarter of the challenge request;
  • If a student pre-registered for the course, the student dropped the course within the first five days of the quarter;
  • This course is not a prerequisite to a course the student has already completed or in which they are currently enrolled as shown in the University Catalog;
  • Student has met all prerequisites to the course being challenged as shown in the University Catalog;
  • Student has not received credit in this course or an equivalent, similar, or a more advanced course;
  • Student has not been enrolled in the course and earned any grade;
  • Student has not withdrawn from the course (graded withdrawal) or audited the course
  • The course being challenged has not been previously challenged.

Students who intend to challenge a course shall initiate the process by picking up the petition form from the Registrar's office, fill the form and get signatures from Instructor, Student's Department Advisor, and Department Chair, go to the Cashier and pay required $5 per unit fee, take the exam, and the instructor will assign a letter grade, return the completed petition to Department Chair along with the copy of the exam written by the student.

Note: A course may be challenged only once. Credit acquired through challenged exam may not apply towards resident credit. No more than 36 quarter units may be challenged. Credit by examination is for subject matter in which the student is especially qualified only through non-traditional education or experience.

Challenge exams are to be conducted in accordance with University Policy. Please see the university Catelog for details.