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Dr. Debra A. Brum Computer Science Scholarship - We are honored to announce that Dr. Gilbert D. Brum has established an endowed scholarship in memory of Dr. Debra A. Brum. During the course of her 27 years at Cal Poly Pomona, Debra Brum had a significant impact on students, faculty, and staff at Cal Poly Pomona through her service to the University as lecturer, Professor and Chair in the Department of Computer Science, Associate Vice President for Faculty Affairs, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Studies and Vice President of Instructional and Information Technology. Instrumental in implementing learning-centered initiatives, encouraging the use of technology in classrooms, and installing technology-based infrastructure across the campus, her legacy is both broad and deep. This scholarship will serve as a way of recognizing her significant role in mentoring many individuals, but particularly women, in the area of computer science and technology. Click HERE to learn more about making a donation.