Computer Science

CS Senior Project

Computer Science senior projects (CS 4610/4620) serve as upper division electives for CS majors. The goal is for students to apply and expand the knowledge and skills they had already developed in classrooms. Students learn to solve real world problems under faculty supervision (ideally for a year), preparing them for professional workplace or towards advanced degress in graduate and professional schools.

Students may get credit by enrolling in 1 unit of CS 4610 for one semester and 1 unit of CS 4620 for a second semester. Each unit is equivalent to 60 hours of work. CS majors could apply a maximum of 2 units of CS 46x0 as Major Electives.

How to Sign up for CS 4610/4620?

  • Students must identify a faculty advisor in mutual agreement prior to registering in CS 4610/4620.
  • Students can find faculty research interests here and make an appointment with faculty to discuss potential interest.
  • Faculty advisor should send an email request to the department office to create a CS 46x0 section for a student.
  • Students should work with the faculty advisor throughout the semester to setup a project goal and a proper meeting schedule. For each unit taken, you are expected to complete a minimum of 4 hours service each week or 60 hours per semester.
  • By the end of Week 15, you are expected to submit a written report describing your duties and the value of this experience as it relates to your education and career goals. Please consult your faculty advisor for the requirements of the report and submission mechanism.
  • Grading is based on evaluations from the faculty advisor.
  • Senior projects will not be offered in Summer.