Computer Science

Faculty Research Interests

Dr. Abdelfattah Amamra: android security, network security, malware analysis and detection, embedded system virtualization and security, anomaly detection, machine learning classifiers

Dr. Tingting Chen: big data security and privacy, health informatics and cyber-security in general

Dr. Markus Eger: game AI, machine learning, procedural content generation, simulations, human-AI cooperation

Dr. Mohammad Husain: systems and network security, security and digital forensics issues in embedded systems and cloud computing, security issues and social applications of smartphone, power-aware secure computing

Dr. Hao Ji: big data analysis, high performance computing, and large-scale linear algebra

Dr. John Korah: parallel & distributed algorithm design, high performance computing, large & dynamic network analysis, computational social systems, cybersecurity parallel/distributed information retrieval, modeling & simulation

Dr. Ericsson Santana Marin: cyber-threat intelligence, social network analysis, network science, machine learning, data mining, artificial intelligence

Dr. Amar Raheja: image processing, computer vision, machine learning, multidimensional data analysis and visualization, applied artificial intelligence (in areas such as biomedical, agriculture, controls, and geology)

Dr. Salam Salloum: fault tolerant computing, computer architecture (computer arithmetic, sorting network, interconnection network), algorithm design, software engineering, database theory & design, information security

Dr. Ben Steichen: human-centered computing, personalization, adaptive information retrieval & visualization, web & data science, multilingualism

Dr. Yu Sun: software engineering, cloud computing, mobile computing, software entrepreneurship

Dr. Daisy Tang: robotics, AI, human-robot interaction, machine learning, multi-agent systems, educational robotics

Dr. Yunsheng Wang: wireless networks and mobile computing, artificial intelligence of things (AIoT), connected and autonomous vehicles, edge computing, and cybersecurity.

Dr. Mingyan Xiao: privacy preserving, mobile crowdsourcing, and system security

Dr. Lan Yang: big data analytics, cloud computing, web-based software development, parallel and distributed computing, computer architecture

Dr. G. S. Young: parallel and distributed computing, computer networks, parallel computer architecture, supercomputing, scheduling, combinatorial optimization