College of Science


Computer Science is a challenging major requiring strong logical, mathematical, and problem-solving skills. We have found that most disqualified students show a history of poor performance in their computer science and mathematics courses, which has led to a strict disqualification policy for CS majors. If students have not demonstrated aptitude in these areas, we have found it best to redirect them to a more appropriate major rather than reinstate them into Computer Science. Although the department will recognize exceptional circumstances that are clearly documented, a history of consistently poor performance followed by a disqualification will usually not result in a recommendation for reinstatement.

As a Computer Science major, you should make every effort to maintain your GPA above the disqualification threshold (see the Catalog or a Class Schedule for details). This might require filing repeat course forms for courses you have repeated and obtained better grades, so that the earlier grades can be dropped from your GPA calculation. Ask your advisor to explain this to you if it isn't clear.

If you become disqualified, you have the following options:

  • Enroll in courses at Cal Poly Pomona during the quarter after your initial disqualification and/or enroll in extended university courses during your sit-out quarter. Raise your GPA to a 2.0, change your major, and request reinstatement. If you choose this option, then there are a series of steps that you need to take in order to be reinstated to Cal Poly Pomona to begin your new major.
    1. Find a major that appeals to you and that is willing to accept you.
    2. Have your new major department chair sign your change of major petition.
    3. Bring a copy of the change of major petition to the Computer Science department so that your CS hold can be lifted.
    4. Make an appointment with the Academic Counselor in the Registrars Office to obtain a reinstatement petition. Explain that you are changing your major.
    5. Take the reinstatement petition to the persons designated by the Academic Counselor. You do not need to come back to the Computer Science department.
  • Enroll in a community college and/or extended university, raise your GPA to a 2.0, and reapply to Cal Poly Pomona or another university.

If you have further questions regarding disqualification, please contact the Computer Science Department at