College of Science

Graduation Pledge

Cal Poly Pomona will guarantee graduation in four years if you are eligible.

Initial Eligibility

  • Admitted without needing any remedial work and with ELM and EPT satisfied
  • Be eligible to take MAT 114
  • Sign up for the four year pledge program the first quarter of your freshman year (by the second week in November)

Continuing Eligibility

  • Do not change major
  • Do not fail or repeat any classes, get a grade C or better in every class you take
  • Take 16-20 units per quarter as designated by your four year pledge advisor
  • See your graduation pledge advisor every quarter
  • Be a full time student not working

If You Are Interested, See by November 1 of your freshman year:

Office of Academic Programs (oversees the Four Year Graduation Pledge Program) located in the CLA building (98-T7).

For more information, visit the University Site for the Graduation Pledge Program.