Computer Science

Pre-Graduation Checklist

  • Make sure that you have a contract on file and that it matches the courses you have actually taken. If it does not, you will need to submit petitions to request changes in the contract.
  • If in doubt about the courses you have taken, view an unofficial transcript on BrocoDirect.
  • If in doubt about your contract, check with the Graduate Coordinator.
  • Remember that you must be enrolled in the University in the semester in which you graduate.
  • No graduation check is required. In lieu of having a graduation check, students will be able to access their Degree Progress Report. Once the approved contract has been received in the Registrar's Office from the Graduate Studies Office, it will be reviewed by an evaluator and noted on the DPR as the graduate check.
  • Be sure that you have been given a grade to replace any SPs or RPs for 6910. Note that SP or RP grades expire after one year—i.e., any SP or RP grade for 6910 or for 6950/6960 must be less than one year old if it is to be replaced.
  • Note that you must file an application to graduate early in the semester in which you plan to graduate.
  • Be aware of the deadlines for all that is required for graduation, including the deadline for submitting the completed thesis/project.
  • Read the catalog