Computer Science

Format for a Thesis Proposal

Title Page

Format is prescribed as shown below.

Table of Contents


A brief overview of the proposed research topic, and the motivation for its selection.

Literature Survey

At least fifteen pages reflecting enough serious review of the topic to establish credibility for the proposal.

Research Goal

A description of the research to be undertaken. If appropriate, a statement of the hypothesis. A definition of an experiment, development project, or other expected outcome.


A description of how the goal is to be achieved: how the hypothesis will be tested, how the experiment will be conducted, etc. Provide enough detail so that an assessment can be made of the feasibility and suitability of the proposed work.

Evaluation of Results

A brief discussion of how the outcome of the research is to be evaluated.

Tentative Table of Contents for the Thesis

Tentative Timetable for Completion of the Thesis

Include dates for:

  • completion of research
  • first draft of thesis (at least six weeks prior to the defense)
  • final draft (at least two weeks prior to the defense)
  • defense (no later than the tenth week of the quarter in which you plan to graduate)


See:   Use of References in the Thesis,   Cite Electronic Resources, Cite Source Code

The title page:

(see Graduate Coordinator for a hard copy example)

                           THESIS PROPOSAL

                           Title of Thesis

                           Proposer's Name


I have read the attached thesis proposal and, in my opinion, it
proposes work which is adequate in depth and scope to serve as the
culminating experience for the Master's Degree in Computer Science.
I would agree to chair this committee or serve thereon.

Advisor ____________________________________________________________
         printed                  signed                   date
Member  ____________________________________________________________
         printed                  signed                   date
Member  ____________________________________________________________
         printed                  signed                   date