Computer Science

Project/Thesis Defense Guidelines

To schedule a project or thesis defense, please contact the CS office with an abstract of your thesis/project.  Thesis/Project abstract must be well-written without any grammatical errors and it must contain the complete title of your thesis/project.

A defense should take place no later than the last week of the semester.

A defense should be scheduled and announced no less than two weeks in advance.

At least one week prior to the defense, a copy of the project or thesis final draft should be placed in the department office for review by interested faculty.

A defense should be scheduled during a time period conducive to wide attendance. The suggested time slots are: weekdays 12 - 1pm.

The project report or thesis is to adhere to the department style standards.

The purpose of the defense is to verify that the student understands the material presented in the coherent and approved written report or thesis.

No defense should be scheduled unless the committee has read and substantially approved the written report or thesis.

The defense is not a rubber stamp process. The committee and other attending faculty will meet after the defense to deliberate whether or not to pass the student.

It is also suggested that you print out two copies of your cover page on cotton paper and bring the copies with you at the defense as your committee may need to sign the cover pages right after your defense.