College of Science

Data Science Center


  • Dr. Tingting Chen
  • Dr. Hao Ji (Co-Director)
  • Dr. John Korah
  • Dr. Ben Steichen
  • Dr. Adam Summerville
  • Dr. Yu Sun
  • Dr. Lan Yang (Co-Director)

Data Science Programs:

  • Subplan in Data Science in the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) program
    • Course requirements
      • CS2520 (or CS1400 + 4 hour online training)
      • CS2410 (or CS2400 + online training in PANDAS + 1 project)
      • CS4990 "Machine Learning and Its Applications"
      • CS4650
      • 3 more courses from the list of approved courses including AI, GPU Programming, Database, Web Search and Recommender, and Data Mining.
  • Minor in Data Science (in progress)

Student Projects:

Coming Soon...