Strategic Communications

Electronic Marquee Submission Form

Strategic Communications welcomes you to submit your suggested text or designed graphic for the electronic marquee. Please be aware that requests should be made at least 2 weeks before desired run dates and that messages are scheduled based on priority and marquee availability. We edit submissions to serve the campus community.

Questions? Check out the answers about the electronic marquees below.

For more information, call Strategic Communications at (909) 869-3342 or email

Marquee Specs:

  • Image/Video Size: 540 pixels wide by 144 pixels high
  • Color Mode: RGB
  • Supported File Format (Images): PNG (preferred), JPG, BMP
  • Supported File Format (Videos): MP4 or AVI (preferred), MOV; videos should be no longer than 10 seconds.

Submit Marquee Request (you will need to sign-in with your Bronco username and password)

Electronic Marquees - Your Questions Answered

The electronic marquees are open to on-campus stakeholders, including divisions, colleges, departments, Foundation, ASI, and faculty and staff-led organizations. It is not for off-campus groups or outside advertisers.

The marquees communicate major university-related activities or news. They may also be used to publicize community, state or national events that pertain to the university. They are meant to be a part of the university’s suite of communications. As a digital sign reaching people in transit, it is most effective as a short-term touch point. The messages must be short and easy to comprehend in a few seconds.

Two of the marquees are at the corner of Temple Avenue and Valley Boulevard. The third is on Kellogg Drive near the 10 freeway off-ramp.

Faculty and staff should submit requests at least two weeks before the desired run dates. Messages are scheduled based on priority and marquee availability, not on a first-come, first-serve basis. We try to limit the number of messages to eight at a time, and most messages are up for two to four days. Priority is given to messages that are:

  • Related to campus safety
  • Related to a university goal or priority (strategic planning, Graduation Initiative)
  • Related to an issue the president has designated a priority
  • Important to broad audiences (Fall Conference)
  • Critical to a campus audience (registration)

We follow these guidelines to maximize the marquee’s effectiveness. If we did not prioritize the messages and limit them to eight, we could have over 20 messages during busy periods. A plethora of messages would dilute the marquee’s effectiveness. For example, too many messages could mean that students would miss a reminder about paying tuition, or faculty might miss a message about a fellowship opportunity.

To submit a marquee request, fill out the online form. We ask that the request is made at least two weeks before the desired run dates. You will receive an email confirming your submission, but it is not a guarantee that the message will be posted.

Because of the volume of requests, we aren’t able to send additional confirmation emails about the message approval or scheduling. However, faculty and staff are welcome to contact us about individual requests. Call the Department of Strategic Communications at (909) 869-3342 or email