Step 1 - Find your institution

  • Begin by accessing
  • Enter the name of the institution you want to pay, or select them from the drop-down menu
  • If you do not see your institution listed, please access the payment page through a link sent in your most recent invoice or in your student account if you are paying an educational institution

Step 2 - Enter your country and payment amount

  • Once you have selected the institution, enter the country that your payment is coming from and the amount you wish to pay
  • Click "NEXT" to continue. You will then see all of the payment methods that Flywire offers for payments from your country to your institution

Step 3 - Select your payment method

  • Flywire will automatically display the total amount in your local currency for the available payment options based on the country you select to pay from. These options could include standard bank transfer or debit/credit card payment options
  • Standard bank transfer (also known as a wire) is the most cost-effective method. Please note, to complete the payment you will need to make arrangements with your bank (in person, online, or over the phone) and send your funds to Flywire in your chosen currency 
  • Debit/credit card will allow you to make an online payment in your home currency. Unlike traditional international credit card payments, Flywire handles the foreign exchange so you will know the exact amount that will be deducted from your account before you make your payment. Please note that debit/credit card payments are not available in every country or for every institution
  • Flywire will then convert your currency and pay your institution
  • If you select your home country but you do not see your home currency, do not worry — you can always pay in the currency of your institution or select a different currency. To do so, click the “I want to pay in another currency” link at the bottom of the page. The process and benefits will remain the same for these payment methods, however, your bank will handle the foreign exchange before sending the funds to Flywire

Step 4 - Enter the payer's information

  • Enter the payer’s personal details. The payer information should include the details of the account or card holder who is making the payment on your behalf
  • Agree to Flywire’s terms and conditions by checking the box at the bottom of the form
  • Click "NEXT" to continue

Step 5 - Enter the payment information

  • Fill out the information required by your institution
  • Enter the contact information and the payment information
  • Click "NEXT" to continue

Step 6 - Review and confirm your information

  • Review the payer and the payment information for accuracy. Use the “PREVIOUS” button if you would like to edit your information
  • Click "PAY" to continue

Step 7 - For bank transfer payments: Review your payment instructions and make your payment

  • Your payment instructions (including Flywire's bank account details) will be automatically displayed
  • You can also download a copy of these instructions in a PDF document. Please note that we will not ask for your bank account details

Step 8 - For credit card payments: Enter your card details

  • Enter your card number, name, expiration date, and security code
  • Enter your information in 15 minutes before the session times out
  • Click "Make Payment" to continue

Step 9 - For online method: Log in with your credentials to the selected online method

  • Follow the instructions to complete your payment

Step 10 - You will receive a link in your email that allows you to track your payment and access your payment instructions.

The status of your payment will be updated once your funds have been received by Flywire and delivered to your institution

Please note:

  • For certain payment methods Flywire may ask you for additional information and documents as required by local regulation
  • When completing the payer information section, please use the details of the account holder, card holder, and/or the person making the payment on your behalf. Any discrepancies may delay the delivery of your payment