Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Steering Committee

Carol K. (Heins) Gonzales, AVP, IT Services/Accessible Technology Coordinator/Committee Co-Chair 
Division of Information Technology (IT) 

Tracee Passeggi, Director/Committee Co-Chair
Disability Resource Center

Victoria Bhavsar, Director
Faculty Center for Professional Development 

Farris Hamza, Student/ASI Secretary of Education
Associated Students, Inc.

Suzanne Donnelly, Senior Associate Director
Bronco Bookstore/Cal Poly Pomona Foundation

Debra Garr, Administrative Analyst Specialist
Procurement and Support Services

Dorothy Farias, Lecturer
Agribusiness & Food Industry Management / Agricultural Science

Dan Lewis, Associate Dean
College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences 

Michelle Magcalas, Web Coordinator 
Public Affairs

Cathy Ann Neale, Marketing and Public Relations Manager
Associated Students, Inc.

Kathleen Prunty, Director 
Procurement and Support Services

Tim Raymond, Director
Information Technology

Catherine Schmitt Whitaker, Executive Director
Information Systems

Jayson Smith, Assistant Professor
Biological Sciences/College of Science

Farris Hamza, ASI Secretary of Internal Affairs

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