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College of Education & Integrative Studies

Interdisciplinary General Education

Welcome to IGE! We hope to have you as a member of the IGE Learning Community! Since 1983, IGE has been at the national forefront of providing students the choice to have an integrated General Education experience. With student-centered, discussion and project based learning in every class, rather than traditional lecture-test learning, IGE encourages students to become active participants in the production of their own knowledge while gaining 32 credits of their written communication, humanities, social science, and lifelong learning lower division GEs over eight quarters. Small classes, three field trips a quarter (Arts Events), no tests, some team taught classes, and a close working relationship with like-minded fellow students from multiple majors are just a part of what makes IGE unique at Cal Poly Pomona. I am always happy to share the many exciting ways IGE can become a part of your meaningful educational experience at this amazing university!

Dr. Dennis Quinn 
IGE Chair