Cyber Security & Awareness Fair

Cyber Security and Awareness Fair

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Educating our community with an interactive environment surrounded by peers and industry experts engaging in spirited learning with regard to all aspects of technology and security, hardware, cracking, privacy, crime, fraud, and social implications. Supported by faculty, staff, and student organizations, we improve the capabilities of our peers at all levels.  With a passion and purpose, we build upon common security needs while serving individuals. More About Us

Live Demonstrations

Help us spread awareness about Cybersecurity by participating in our live demonstrations by MISSA, FAST, SWIFT, Chaffey, Fullerton, and Charter Oak. Attendees learned how to pick a lock at Datagram's lockpicking demo.  Live demonstrations went on throughout the whole event.

Live Demonstrations
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Last year’s fair was focused on Social Credit, inspired by China’s ‘Once Untrustworthy, Always Restricted’ Social Credit System. We highlighted this concept along with traditional security issues like social engineering, phishing, and wireless hacking during our fair.

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Cyber Security Workforce Job Fair

Last Year we introduced the Cyber Security Workforce Job Fair as part of our event as an innovative approach to hiring cybersecurity talent. The student volunteers working at the event are the best of our future cybersecurity professionals from our academic and extracurricular programs. The fair provides a unique chance to see these young professionals showcasing their soft skills in leadership, teamwork, and communication alongside ethical hacking and cyber defense techniques to peers and home users. 

The Job Fair is a casual networking environment where companies will have time for discussion and interview opportunities with the students after the event.  This networking event will be held from 3:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.  

In addition, we are creating a new Educational Award titled “Fund hacking ‘Kn0wledge’” as part of our donor program. This award is an opportunity for one or more students to build their resume(s) through security research in support of the program. This research would lead to more in-depth presentations and hands-on demonstrations given the time constraints on students. 

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