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Emergency Management

Tuesday, July 7

5:58 p.m. Electricity Restored to Most Buildings Interrupted by Power Outage

Power has been restored to most of the buildings that suffered electrical outages, with the exception of the Bronco Bookstore (Building 66) and the W. Keith and Janet Kellogg University Art Gallery (Building 35A). Facilities has placed those buildings on an alternate electrical loop and the system is working properly. The campus community will be notified of any changes that affect the electrical system.

Crews are working to restore power to the Bronco Bookstore and the W. Keith and Janet Kellogg University Art Gallery.

3:40 p.m.  Campus Power Failure

The campus has experienced a power outage in 15 buildings:

Biotechnology Building (Building 4)
College of Environmental Design (Building 7)
Music Building (Building 24)
Temporary Classroom D (Building 24D)
Bronco Student Center (Building 35)
Keith and Janet Kellogg University Art Gallery (Building 35A)
Residential Suites (Buildings 40, 54, 60, 61, 62 and 63)
Vista Market (Building 52)
Bronco Bookstore (Building 66)
Kellogg West (Building 76)

There is currently no emergency on campus. Crews are working on restoring power to the affected buildings. 


The Cal Poly Pomona, Office of Emergency Management (EM) website, is a starting place for information and resources for emergency management/preparedness, whenever you need it. Our goal is to ensure that the emergency management information you need is updated, easy to locate and understand.

We are proud of our emergency management programs and look to enhance our programs, to ensure the campus community is as prepared as possible for an emergency, or catastrophic event.

Our job in the Office of EM is to assist Cal Poly to be a great and safe place of education and work. We have a great Emergency Management team and partner with a fantastic team of campus Building Marshals & Floor Captains. These employee volunteers, do their very best to ensure the building occupants, of their respective building are provided with great resources, and are prepared for an emergency.

We appreciate you visiting our website and look forward to working with you, as EM partners.


Our Mission:

The Office of Emergency Management supports our students, faculty, and staff to ensure that as a university we work together to build, sustain, and improve our capability to prepare for, respond to, recover from, and mitigate all hazards that may impact our campus.

Our Goal:

Develop, maintain, and sustain a campus-wide, comprehensive, all-hazard, risk based emergency management program that engages the whole community.

Our Plan:

The Cal Poly Pomona Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) establishes the emergency organization, assigns tasks, specifies policies and general procedures, and provides for coordination of planning efforts of the various emergency staff and service elements of the jurisdiction. 

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