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Facilities Planning & Management

Facilities Planning & Management!


Facilities Planning & Management is responsible for maintenance, repair, building permits, remodeling, alterations and additions to all university facilities, and vehicle fleet, regardless of funding source or scope of work.  FP&M bears the responsibility for good and faithful administration of all building permits, including special events and tents.

FP&M’s primary duty is day-to-day building operations such as providing utilities, operation of the heating and cooling systems, and emergency response in facilities.

FP&M is organized into four departments:

Service Levels

Facilities Planning & Management provides two types of services.

Base Services: FP&M receives a budget allocation and services are rendered without charge.

Base Services include:

  • Building maintenance and operations
  • 5-Year Capital Outlay Plan updates
  • Facilitate and review environmental documents
  • Space and facilities reporting (SFDB, Custodial and private use)
  • Energy management
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Custodial services for state-owned and state-operated facilities
  • Infrastructure support

Premium Services: FP&M does not receive a budget allocation and work must be funded by the department requesting services.

Premium Services include:

  • Auxiliary and enterprise facility maintenance
  • Architectural and concept plan development
  • Project scoping for major renovations
  • Department requests
  • Project management services including cost estimates
  • Event services including tents
  • Special requests
  • Vehicle maintenance

CSU Executive Order 847: Policy Statement on Facility Maintenance

The campus facilities department is responsible for providing non-maintenance services and improvements. The campus general fund operations, or other appropriate funding sources, shall be reimbursed the actual direct costs plus indirect costs associated with requested non-maintenance services provided by the facilities department. Costs allocations shall be determined in accordance with a written cost allocation plan approved by the campus chief financial officer.


Request Service

The FP&M team is ready, willing and able to assist you.

The easiest and fastest way to request non-emergency service is by filling out a Service Request Form or contacting the Customer Service Center.

The Customer Service Center is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and can be reached at Ext. 3030 or (909) 869-3030 or by email at fmcustomer@cpp.edu.

In an emergency, call the University Police Department at Ext. 3070 or (909) 869-3070. University Police dispatch has a listing of FP&M contacts for after-hours emergencies.

Project requests are prioritized by FP&M based on the following criteria: 

  1. Life safety, accessibility, single points of failure with high consequences. 
  2. Responses to accreditation visits. 
  3. Documented high-impact practices for student success involving facilities. 
  4. Grant-funded projects with external deadlines. 
  5. Planned, programmed renovations of substantial portions (more than 25 percent) of a building and associated deferred maintenance. 
  6. Renovations of small areas (less than 25 percent) in a building and associated deferred maintenance. 

2022 FP&M Strategy Map

Organizational Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

We proactively plan, build, operate, and maintain a welcoming, safe, and sustainable campus environment with an empowered workforce.

FPM will be a best-in-class service provider and leader in facilities stewardship within the California State University system.

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