Lanterman News

University Establishes Lanterman Advisory Committee

Nov 05, 2018

President Soraya M. Coley has established a broad-based campus committee to provide input as Cal Poly Pomona and FivePoint Holdings, ...

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Cal Poly Pomona Selects FivePoint Holdings to Discuss Development of the Lanterman Site

Jul 26, 2018

Cal Poly Pomona has informed the CSU Board of Trustees that it will enter into discussions with FivePoint Holdings LLC. The discussio...

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Cal Poly Pomona to Move Ahead With Lanterman Site Development

Jul 20, 2017

The Office of the Chancellor and Cal Poly Pomona have informed the CSU Board of Trustees that the university intends to move forward ...

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Lanterman Project Predevelopment Update

Feb 15, 2017

Cal Poly Pomona is in the midst of a predevelopment/feasibility study to determine whether the 309-acre parcel of land formerly known...

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University Selects Predevelopment Firm for Lanterman Property

Jan 04, 2017

Cal Poly Pomona has selected a predevelopment real estate firm with national and international experience in land-use issues to advis...

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Message to the Campus: The Possibility of Air Resources Board Locating a Facility at Cal Poly Pomona

Jan 21, 2016

Numerous questions have been received about the Air Resource Board's plan to relocate its facility. Please find the questions that ha...

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Coley Shares Vision for the ‘Journey Forward’ at Convocation

Sep 23, 2015

The push to exceed the graduation rate target, strategic planning to ensure the best use of campus resources for student success, and...

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Lanterman Developmental Center Site Transfer Moves Forward in Pomona

May 24, 2015

Members of the California State University board of trustees authorize Chancellor Timothy P. White to negotiate with the state the pl...

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