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Dr. Alex John and Dr. Kathryn McCulloch have been promoted!!!


Happy Retirement!!

2021 Retirees

Dr. Chantal Stieber - Recipient of the Provost's Award for Excellence

Dr. Chantal Stieber  

Dr. Stieber has been awarded the 2021 Provost Award for Excellence in Scholarly and Creative Activities. The Awards Symposium is scheduled for October 7, 2021 from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Please plan to join us as we celebrate this occasion!

CONGRATULATIONS Adrian, Andrea and Kevin!

2021 Axelrad-Goldstein Research Recipients

Carolina Mata

Carolina Mata

Congratulations to Carolina Mata, who is a Chemistry major and one of the 2021 Burke Scholarship award winners!!

Some more great research work from Dr. Mogul!

Dr. Rakesh Mogul discusses the "discovery of phosphine clouds on Venus and what the future exploration of Venus could look like" in two articles with the website, The Verge and recently in the 2021 Planetary Report.

Read More Here

Dr. Ernie Simpson

Dr. Ernie Simpson

In honor of our colleague, we are establishing two endowments!  1. The Dr. Ernie Simpson Faculty Excellence Award and 2. A Distinguished Industrial Chemist Lecture Series.  Look for more details in Fall 2021 as we celebrate Dr. Simpson's memory.

Justin Lanz T. Cortez

Justin Lanz T. Cortez  

Congratulations to Justin Cortez (from the Stieber Group), whose oral presentation was named as 'exemplary'. He then went on to represent CPP in the graduate division of the Physical and Mathematical Sciences at the 35th Annual CSU Student Research Competition and won first place! CPP Student Research Conference

Congratulations Dr. Michael Page!

Dr. Michael Page and Alejandro Covarrubias were awarded funding to establish a new Black Achievement Success Engagement (BASE) program through the Kellogg Legacy Endowment.

Dr. George GutnikovIn Memoriam: Dr. George Gutnikov

We are saddened to share the news of Dr. George Gutnikov's passing on January 3, 2021. Dr. Gutnikov served as Professor in the department for over 45 years beginning in 1970. Dr. Gutnikov was part of a trio of faculty who built the legacy of our program that features a full suite of upper-division analytical courses.

Dr. Chantal Stieber receives grant award

Congratulations to Dr. Chantal Stieber  on receiving an ARI grant award!

Project Title: Iron and Nickel Catalysts for Mitigating Denitrification 

Award Agency: CSU Agricultural Research Initiative 

Amount of Award: $74,026.00   

Two more great publications by Dr. Mogul!

Dr. Rakesh Mogul expands upon the enzymology and ecology of soil catalasas through developement and application of a simple kinetic model and field-amenable assay based upon volume displacement.  In this article, "Simple kinetics, assay, and trends for soil microbial catalases" with the website, ScienceDirect.

Read full article here

Dr. Rakesh Mogul describes a simple procedure for quantifying endospore abundances in ancient and organic-rich permafrost.  In this article, "Quantification of endospores in ancient permafrost using time -resolved terbium luminescence" with the website, ScienceDirect. 

Read full article here

Ernie Simpson Memorial In Memoriam: Dr. Ernie Simpson

You will be deeply missed Professor Emeritus Ernie Simpson!

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Desiree Tax COS Spring 2020 Staff Awardee Desiree Tax - College of Science Spring 2020 Staff Awardee

Our very own Chemistry Technician, Desiree Tax, was named the College of Science Spring 2020 Staff AwardeeThank you for your dedication to the Chemistry department and all your hard work. Congratulations Desiree!                                         

Congratulations on your recently published paper!!

A big collaboration within the Chemistry Department (Dr. Chantal Stieber, Dr. Kathryn McCulloch, Dr. Gregory Barding, Dr. Yan Liu, Master's student Jacob Brannon and undergraduate student Isaac Ramirez) just published the paper "Teaching Crystallography by Determining Small Molecule Structures and 3-D Printing: An Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Module".  Congratulations to all of you!!

Read full article here

Congratulations Dr. Mogul!

You will want to watch Dr. Mogul's interview "Countdown to Mars"  with the Astrobiology Program at NASA!

Click here to watch video

Chemistry faculty are equipped to lead in virtual learning!

Several of our Chemistry faculty signed on to learn how to make video tutorials in preparation for virtual learning. Dr. Yan Liu, Dr. Alex John and Dr. Jodye Selco are now all equipped and ready to lead.

Read full article here

Congratulations to Dr. Alex John and his group!!

On having one of thier recent articles published online.  Three of our very own CPP Chemistry Major undergratudate students contributed to this article; Israel Silva Jr, Timothy C. Siu and Maiko Lunn.

Read full article here

Welcome  to Dr. Mahendran Adaickapillai!!

Our newest  member of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Dr. Adaickapillai will begin teaching Organic Chemistry in Fall 2020.

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