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Through the generosity of donors, the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department is able to offer several scholarships to chemistry students. These include:

In addition, The Chevy Axelrad Goldstein Student Research Awards are awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding research accomplishments.

Dev/Zimmerman Family Chemistry Endowed Scholarship 

This scholarship was generously established by Dr. Vasu Dev and his wife Dr. Barbara Dev.  Dr. Vasu Dev served as a professor at CPP for 44 years and was the first chemistry department chair.  His research focused on the medicinal properties of natural products.  Dr. Barbara Dev served as a lecturer and taught biochemistry for many years in the chemistry department.  Eligible students will have a minimum gpa of 2.75, a calculated financial need, sophomore or higher standing at time of application, and must be enrolled in or have completed with a C or better, CHM 3150 (Organic Chemistry II) or CHM 3270 (Biochemistry I). Students must be enrolled in the coming academic year.  The award of $2,000 will occur in Fall term. 

Dev/Zimmerman Family Chemistry Endowed Scholarship Application


Reza Ehsani Memorial Scholarship Awards

Reza Ehsani came to the United States from Iran in April, 1981. Typical of his approach to everything, he finished high school at an accelerated pace then began college in 1983. In 1985, he came to Cal Poly and majored in Chemistry and minored in Math. Reza developed a strong interest in chemical applications of sophisticated instrumentation that eventually led him to become involved in many research projects, culminating in a senior project devoted to the isolation and identification of natural products. Just as his academic interests were varied, so were his personal interests. Reza's main nterests included soccer, skiing, racquetball, chess and reading, especially technical articles. Reza's goal was to complete a PhD in Chemistry and he had been accepted to graduate school at UC Riverside. A tragic accident claimed his life before he could begin his studies. Reza is remembered by those who knew him as an open, friendly person, devoted to his family with a generous and caring personality. In hopes of preserving his memory and inspiring others, a memorial fund has been established by contributions from his family and the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department. Proceeds from this fund will be used to support annual awards to deserving Chemistry and Biochemistry undergrad and graduate majors at Cal Poly.

Ehsani Application form (DOCX)

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Friedrich J, and Hildegard A. Weck Scholarship Awards

The Weck Family has had a long and meaningful relationship with the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Cal Poly Pomona. The roots of this relationship began in the 1970's when the Weck's began employing chemistry students from Cal Poly to work in their analytical laboratory located in the City of Industry. Friedrich and Hildegard Weck were well known for their sensitivity and caring attitude toward student employees. This relationship became more formalized in the early 1980's when Dr. Ernie Simpson began placing students with Weck Laboratories through the CO-OP Program. Because of the skill and preparation of our students, the Weck's elected to provide funding for a permanent scholarship. The Weck Family requested that some preference be given to underrepresented and Asian students showing promise in the area of analytical chemistry at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Weck Application Form (DOCX)

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Dr. Earl Pye Memorial Scholarship

 Dr. Earl Pye taught chemistry at Cal Poly Pomona for over 25 years, specializing in physical and corrosion chemistry and he was very active in research and academic administration. His family and friends established this scholarship in his honor.  Eligible Freshmen and Sophomores (GPA 3.5 or higher) are invited to apply in Winter each year for a $1,000 award. 


The Mario Sorci Endowed Scholarship for Chemistry

The Mario Sorci Endowed Scholarship for Chemistry was established by Mario Sorci and Karen Dundas Sorci in March 2002. In 1971, Mario earned his degree in chemistry, and Karen earned her degree in zoology from Cal Poly Pomona. Mario and Karen developed AES, Inc., a custom medical equipment firm, into one of the leading nationwide providers of anesthesia products. The scholarship will be awarded annually for a minimum of $500 and supports students who are working a minimum of 22 hours per week outside of being a full-time student (either graduate or undergraduate level).

Sorci Application Form (DOCX)

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Valspar Chemistry Student Development Scholarship

This scholarship was originally established in 1999 as the Lilly Industries, Inc. Endowed Scholarship. In 2000, The Valspar Corporation and Lilly Industries, Inc. announced that their merger was complete. ;This resulted in Lilly Industries becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Valspar. In collaboration with Valspar, the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Cal Poly Pomona updated the criteria in order to increase the number of students that are seeking careers in chemistry who would be eligible for support. Students, either undergraduate or graduate, must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and preference will be given to students who have had either Co-op or industry-related work experience.;

Valspar Application Form (DOCX)

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