College of Science

Chemistry Minor

Students may earn a Chemistry Minor by completing 25-26 units of Chemistry course work. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required. To request a minor, please fill out the minor request form (PDF) and submit it directly to the department office.

Courses required for the minor are shown below:


General Chemistry

CHM 1210   General Chemistry l                            

CHM 1210L  General Chemistry l Laboratory




CHM 1220   General Chemistry ll 

CHM 1220L General Chemistry ll Laboratory



Analytical Chemistry

CHM 2210   Quantitative Analysis

CHM 2210L Quantitative Analysis Laboratory 




Organic Chemistry

CHM 2010 Elements of Organic Chemistry (3)* OR

CHM 3140 Organic Chemistry l (4)*


CHM 2010L Elements of Organic Chemistry Laboratory OR

CHM 3140L Organic Chemistry l Laboratory


3 or 4




Physical Chemistry

CHM 3010 Modeling the Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry (GE B5)  OR

CHM 3040 Elements of Physical Chemistry  OR

CHM 3110 Classical Physical Chemistry 




Upper Division Chemistry Electives

Select any 3000-4000 level CHM Courses (except CHM 3140/3140L) to count here



Total Units 

25 or 26

*Students who take CHM 3140 will complete the minor in 26 units, those who take CHM 2010 will complete it in 25 units.