College of Science

Undergraduate Students

The Chemistry and Biochemistry Department offers a flexible program of studies designed to prepare students for careers in private industry and government or for highly diverse graduate study. Students may direct their efforts into all the major areas of chemistry or into certain interdisciplinary areas. This is accomplished by choosing one of  three rigorous subplans (options) of study leading to the Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry.

The American Chemical Society (ACS) subplan emphasizes the chemistry-physics interface. The curriculum of this subplan leads to the more traditional careers and graduate training in chemistry.

The Biochemistry subplan stresses the growing body of knowledge at the chemistry-life sciences interface. Beyond the core curriculum students may pursue programs in the chemistry of plants, animals or human beings (biochemistry, clinical chemistry, marine biochemistry, pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, etc.). In consultation with a departmental advisor, the student may select courses that foster individual career goals.

The General subplan is designed for those students who want the maximum flexibility for their degree. This subplan also allows students with an ADT in Chemistry to earn the BS degree within 60 semester units. Up to 12 units of electives can be chosen from outside of chemistry to provide breadth in an area to meet career goals (for example, courses in business may allow students to pursue work on the business side of the chemical industry).

The Chemistry program is approved by the American Chemical Society (ACS), and the baccalaureate degree earned by following the ACS subplan is certified by the ACS as having met its standards for professionalism at the undergraduate level.