College of Science

Program Information

Requirements for the Master of Science Degree


CPP Computer Science catalog

Required Courses (14 units):

  • CS 525 Advanced Computer Architecture (4 units)
  • CS 530 Advanced Algorithm Design and Analysis (4 units)
  • CS 580 Advanced Software Engineering (4 units)
  • CS 664 Graduate Seminar (2 units)

Required Project or Thesis (3 or 7 units):

  • CS 691 Directed Study (1 unit) and
  • CS 695 Master's Degree Project (2 units)


  • CS 691 Directed Study (3 units) and
  • CS 696 Master's Degree Thesis (4 units)

Elective Courses (28 or 24 units):
Select 28 units (with Master's Degree Project) or 24 units (with Master's Degree Thesis) from the following list of courses or other courses approved by the Computer Science Graduate Committee:

  • CS 510 Computer-Assisted Instruction
  • CS 515 Automated Reasoning
  • CS 517 Natural Language Processing
  • CS 519 Computer Vision
  • CS 521 Robotics
  • CS 523 Expert Systems
  • CS 531 Computability and Complexity Theory
  • CS 535 Parallel and Distributed Algorithms
  • CS 537 Scheduling Algorithms
  • CS 540 Topics in Compiler Design
  • CS 541 Programming Languages Semantics
  • CS 555 Computer Image Processing
  • CS 560 Bioinformatics for Computer Scientists
  • CS 565 Advanced Computer Networks
  • CS 566 Distributed Computing Systems
  • CS 570 Human Computer Interaction
  • CS 575 Topics in Database Systems
  • CS 585 Software Verification and Validation
  • CS 599 Special Topics for Graduate Students


Policies Relating to the Degree

Students are expected to be familiar with the general scholastic requirements described in the "Graduate Studies" section of the Cal Poly, Pomona catalog.

No more than 13 units of acceptable graduate credit may be transferred from another graduate institution. No more than 13 units taken through Extended University may be credited toward the degree. No more than 13 units of acceptable graduate credit may be petitioned by an undergraduate student.

A total limit of 13 transfer, Extended University, and/or units petitioned for graduate credit may be applied toward the degree. A grade point average of 3.0 (B) or better must be maintained in all upper division and all graduate courses.

Admission to the program does not admit a student to candidacy for a degree. Advancement to Candidacy is granted to an unconditional student, having passed the Graduation Writing Test (GWT) and upon the recommendation of his or her faculty advisor, and implies a readiness to attempt thesis. The candidate must be enrolled during the quarter of graduation.

Computer Science graduate courses are, in general, offered on a routine schedule. The required courses CS 525, CS 530, CS 580 and CS 664 are offered every year. All other graduate courses CS 5xx are offered every two years. Project and thesis courses CS 69x are offered on demand.

Financial Aid

The Department offers limited financial aid in the form of Graduate Assistant and Teaching Associate. Graduate Assistants provide professional non-teaching assistance to faculty members while Teaching Associate primarily involve classroom and laboratory instruction. The number of positions available varies from quarter to quarter, and the compensation depends upon teaching experience and/or the number of employed hours per week.

Only students who have been Advanced to Candidacy are eligible for graduate assistantships. This means that you must be Unconditional and that you must have passed the Graduation Writing Test.

Beginning in 2007, the Department also offers (1) general scholarships to our graduate students for encouragement in their graduate studies, and (2) journal publication and conference presentation awards to support student research activities.

Support in the form of loans and grants based on need may be available through the campus Financial Aid Office. For more information, call (909) 869-3700.


The University Catalog offers more detail about courses and regulations. You may order a copy of the Catalog by calling the Bronco Bookstore (909) 869-3275. You may also view the Catalog on-line.

Schedule of Classes

A new Schedule of Classes is issued for each quarter. It shows courses and the times they are being offered. Call the Bronco Bookstore for information about ordering a copy. This information is also available through the Public Class Schedule and BroncoDirect.

Evening Courses

Graduate courses traditionally meet in late afternoons and evenings. Undergraduate courses, on the other hand, usually meet earlier in the day. If you work during the day and you need to take remedial undergraduate courses, then you may want to take these courses at another institution before applying to Cal Poly Pomona.