Division of Administrative Affairs

Division of Administrative Affairs Contacts

Department Contacts

Senior Associate Vice President's Office

Email: lkdiskin@cpp.edu

Payroll and Benefits

Phone: (909) 869-2233

Classification and Compensation

Phone: (909) 869-3733

Strategic Learning and Organizational Excellence Initiatives

Email: cpplearning@cpp.edu

Talent Acquisition and Diversity Outreach

Email: danielp@cpp.edu

Employee and Labor Relations

Email: elr@cpp.edu

Phone:(909) 869-3030


Associate Vice President's Office 

Email: lrpage@cpp.edu

Accounting Services

Email: mdcardona@cpp.edu

Student Aid Accounting and Cashiers

Email: prhiguchi@cpp.edu

Budget Services

Email: fmlopez@cpp.edu


Risk Management

Email: maboiceceja@cpp.edu

Environment Health and Safety

Email: mjdesalvio@cpp.edu


Email: mjdesalvio@cpp.edu.

Public Safety 

Phone: (909) 869-3061

Anonymous Crime Tips: (909) 869-3399

Email: police@cpp.edu

Parking Services

Email: parking@cpp.edu

Procurement Office

Email: procurement@cpp.edu 

CSUBUY / Procurement Card Program

Email: pcard@cpp.edu 

Distribution Services

Email: dasegal@cpp.edu

License of Facilities

Email: jrg@cpp.edu 

Graphics Communications / Bronco Copy'n Mail

Graphics Email: graphics@cpp.edu
Bronco Copy'n Mail Email: glmiani@cpp.edu