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Join the Cal Poly Pomona Bronco Mentoring Network, our online advice-sharing and career networking site specifically for Cal Poly Pomona alumni and students, to gain access to hundreds of Alumni who have volunteered to mentor students like you.

Top Reasons to Join the Network

  1. Networking

    I’m sure you’ve heard it before: Networking is the first step in any job application. You know you should be networking, but it can be intimidating if you're unsure of where to start, who to reach out to, or what to say. The Bronco Mentoring Network provides you an avenue to connect with alumni professionals in a virtual format. Search by industry, employer, major, and more! You can set up video calls or message alumni directly from the platform.
  1. Landing Your First Job/Advancing Your Career

    80% of jobs and internships coming from referrals, students need to build relationships that lead to opportunities. Cal Poly Pomona Bronco Mentoring Network helps you connect with alumni who have been in your shoes and have faced the same challenges you will. Wondering where alumni who graduated with similar majors currently work? Explore career opportunities and ask alumni industry and employer related questions.
  1. Join a community

    Communities allow alumni and students with similar interests/affinities to connect in a group setting. Feeling a bit intimidated by connecting with alumni professionals? Communities allow you to connect in an informal discussion board format. Ask questions or post discussion topics that can be answered by any member of the community.
  1. Alumni Want to Help!

    Don’t forget, every mentor on the platform volunteered to sign up because they want to pay it forward and help a fellow Bronco. Utilize your Cal Poly Pomona resources while obtaining your degree and continue to utilize the platform and build your network beyond graduation.

Join the CPP Bronco Mentoring Today and get a jump start on networking and your career! 

Mentoring Program Q and A

It's simple: create a profile in only a few minutes, indicate your fields of interest, and then start exploring the network to find alumni that can tell about different career paths and get you closer to your dream job. Sign up today!

  • What skills do I need to be successful in an industry or role?
  • How do I make my resume and cover letter stand out from the crowd?
  • What graduate programs should I apply to?
  • What are some potential paths I can take to get to my dream job?

  • Get feedback on your resume and mock interviews
  • Learn about diverse career paths and opportunities
  • Build lasting relationships with alumni who have been in your shoes
  • Ask questions about industry, employer, and career paths
  • You never know where these conversations could take you. Get one step closer to your dream job today.
  • Get advice on skills to develop while at school
  • Find out about internships and job opportunities