About the Distinguished Alumni Award


The Distinguished Alumni Award is presented by the Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Association to honor:

  • Outstanding achievement in a profession or a vocation
  • Service to a local, national, or global community
  • Service to Cal Poly Pomona


Eligibility for the "Distinguished Alumnus(a) of the Year" award is as follows:

  • The recipient of the award shall be a graduate of Cal Poly Pomona, or the Voorhis campus.
  • Current members of the Board of Directors of the Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Association and University faculty or staff are ineligible.
  • A recipient may only receive the award once.


The criteria for nomination of the Distinguished Alumnus(a) includes accomplishments in three categories:

  1. Professional Achievement: The recipient shall have attained prominence through his/her respective field or profession.
  2. Community Service: The recipient shall have a significant record of service to the community state and/or nation.
  3. Service to Cal Poly Pomona: The recipient shall have demonstrated support for Cal Poly Pomona through donated time or resources.

In 2016, the criteria for the award was revised to allow a college or the athletics department to honor alumni who are married or are domestic partners. Both must be graduates from the same college or were both involved in intercollegiate athletics.


The Alumni Association will recognize one alumnus/alumna per College and one alumnus/a from Athletics. Nominations must be approved by the respective College's Dean. In the case of Athletics, the Athletic Director's approval will be required.