Member Benefits

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Top Five Reasons to Join the Alumni Association

When you graduated from Cal Poly Pomona, you became part of the CPP Bronco Network, a diverse group of professionals who are welcome to give back to the university, attend events, host dinners and mentor students.

To enhance your experience as an alumnus, we encourage you to become a member of the Alumni Association. Membership offers you the opportunity to increase your support of programming, scholarships and activities that enrich the lives of students and fellow alumni. 

Here are the top five reasons why you should join the Alumni Association:

  1. Giving Back  10% of your membership supports student scholarships while the remainder goes towards, alumni events, career readiness programs and volunteer opportunities, such as Dining with Broncos, Professor for a Day and the Bronco Mentoring Program.
  2. NetworkingMembers receive invitations to member-only events and have the opportunity to pre-register for some events, such as regional alumni mixers and sporting events with the Dodgers, Angels and Ducks. 
  3. Increasing the Value of Your Degree — Cal Poly Pomona consistently ranks in the US News & World Report and other publications. Alumni involvement and membership is one of several qualities considered when determining university standings.
  4. Staying InformedAlumni Association members receive CPP Magazine twice a year as well as other forms of digital communication such as Bronco Magazine and PolyAlumni.
  5. Exclusive Alumni Benefits!