Bronco Mentoring Program

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Program

Students initiate the mentoring process. Students are able to search alumni based on industry, employer, major, and special interest. Once a student has found a match, they will request mentorship from the alumni. Alumni are able to decide whether they accept the request for mentorship. Alumni are able to set the maximum number of mentees they are willing to have. Please be professional, courteous and inquisitive!

Yes! Given the size and participation of our Bronco Network, we're lucky enough to have many mentors that have chosen to offer their time to share their stories with more than one student.

If you are interested in obtaining an internship/job, we'd like to direct you to the Cal Poly Pomona Career Center website.

Please keep in mind your mentor will have their own busy schedule. Do try to limit the number of messages you send to 3 to 4 messages a week.

We do not encourage 'in-person' sessions. The mentoring program was designed to make alumni mentors available to you at all times. This also allows alumni to mentor more than one student at a time.

Certain information that you enter will be made available to mentors when you and they communicate through this site. By signing up to participate in this program, you are confirming your acceptance of this. Information made public to mentors consists of: name, college/school, major, gender, expected graduation, hometown, high school, interests, hobbies. (Anything that you list in your profile on Handshake)

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