About the Distinguished Alumni Award

Statement of Purpose

Cal Poly Pomona’s Distinguished Alumni Awards Program was founded in 1960. Each year nine alumni are nominated and recognized for their outstanding achievement in their respective profession or vocation; service to a local, national, or global community; and service to Cal Poly Pomona. Awards are presented by the Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Association annually each April.

Beginning in 2014, the Alumni Association implemented a program that recognizes one faculty member to receive the Alumni Outstanding Teaching Award. Potential honorees will be nominated by students and selected by the Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Eligibility and Criteria

Nominees must:

  • Be a current Cal Poly Pomona faculty member, and have been a Cal Poly Pomona faculty member for at least 3 years
  • Have original knowledge of their subject matter
  • Have original and innovative classroom presentations
  • Demonstrate concern for students, both inside and outside the university setting
  • Not have been a recipient of this award in the past

Nomination Procedure

All nominations must be submitted by 5 p.m. on February 1. Nomination packets must include a completed nomination form. Online form is available at: www.calpolypomonaalumni.com   Student nominators must be currently enrolled at the time the application is submitted.


The Alumni Outstanding Teaching Award process will be managed by the Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Association. Voting members who are also Cal Poly Pomona staff or faculty must abstain from the process.  The award is meant to celebrate faculty members who make a difference and is an expression of appreciation only.  Honorees will be recognized at the Alumni Association’s Annual Distinguished Alumni Awards event. They must also agree to be featured in university print and electronic media. 

In addition, two tickets will be reserved for the student nominator to attend the Alumni Association’s Distinguished Alumni Award Event.  A portion of his/her nomination form may be shared in the event’s written program.