Privacy Choice

SSB 569 was passed to allow the continuation of programs that provide beneficial services that greatly support the Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Association to help provide you the activities, communications and services expected.  The Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Association is an independent 501 (c) 3, and relies on membership dues and affinity programs for its development.

An affinity program is an agreement between the Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Association and a partner to offer discounted services to alumni in areas such as travel, insurance programs, or credit cards.  In addition to discounts for alumni, these affinity partners give a portion of their business back to your Cal Poly Pomona Alumni Association in support of its mission, while also providing sponsorship opportunities for other events and programs, such as student scholarships. Per the SB 569 legislation, we are required to inform you of important privacy information. I encourage you to take a moment to read the information provided.