Honoring Veterans at Cal Poly Pomona

Cal Poly Pomona’s Veterans Resource Center supports more than 1,000 student veterans and veteran dependents in their transition to civilian life as a student and professional. The center provides a host of resources to ensure their success, including counseling and guidance, offering on- and off-campus programs and services, peer support and scholarship opportunities. The VRC is staffed by veterans and veteran family members, offering a direct understanding of the challenges former military personnel face. 

Rebeca FirebaughRebeca Firebaugh
2016, Civil Engineering

"My family immigrated from Mexico when I was almost 15 years old. After high school, I enrolled at a community college with the support of a family friend. I did well at school, and I knew I wanted a college education. However, financially, my family resources were limited and I wanted something more. I wanted to travel and experience new places. Joining the Navy became a natural choice for me. Not only did the Navy offer the opportunity to explore the world, it also offered educational benefits.

Having served in the US Military has been my greatest honor. My parents came to this country to pursue a better life and a better future for myself and my siblings. I am proud to have served the country that has done just that for me and my family. Being a veteran means that I had the privilege to give a little bit back to a country that has given me so much more. 


Michael ThompsonMichael Thompson
2019, Electronic Systems Engineering Technology

“I always felt like I could reach out to the VRC if I needed to and when I did, it was not an inconvenience to them. It can be hard to ask for help sometimes, especially if you think of yourself as a capable person. As I get older, I realize that one of the truths in life is that we will not be in control of every situation and when everything just seems too overwhelming, we are better off stepping back and saying ‘I need help.’ That is why I am glad to have someone I know that I can go to when that situation arises, who may not have the solution but at least is another resource to help me find it. I do not believe that there is any one key to lead you to success but learning this from someone and having them in your corner is one of the tools to get you there.”


Kendall HaunKendall Haun
Master’s student, public administration
U.S. Air Force Dependent

“My father, a veteran, raised me and set a standard of what excellence looks like from a very young age. I’m blessed to have daily interactions with veterans at the Veterans Resource Center where the excellence remains.”



Anthony BetancourtAnthony Betancourt
Electronics System Engineering Technology
U.S. Air Force

“Having the opportunity to meet veterans has provided a greater appreciation of the sacrifices they’ve made as well as a greater understanding of the history of the United States.” 



James RichmondJames Richmond
Electrical Engineering
U.S. Marine Corps

“Meeting and talking with veterans has taught me how much our service men and women have sacrificed so that all Americans can enjoy the freedom that this country offers. Meeting veterans has given me a greater respect not just for veterans, but for all Americans.”