Rain Bird BioTrek

The Rain Bird BioTrek Project is an educational experience for visitors of all ages that emphasizes the need to share knowledge, values, and behaviors that support sustainability on a finite Earth. In its greenhouse, gardens, and stations, it provides interactive educational connections to the tropical rainforest, California's indigeneous plants and people, and other ancient and present day habitats. Want to find out more?

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The Rainforest Learning Center

Over 200 rainforest species, nestled in our greenhouse, provide a glimpse at the oldest, richest, and most complex ecosystems on Earth. When you smell the aromatic leaves, feel the humidity-softened air, and experience a collective breath of life, then you have truly understood the rainforest! Go to the Rainforest Learning Center.

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The Ethnobotany Garden Learning Center

Our native California garden is a step into our cultural past that holds rare wisdoms on the use of plants by people - an area of study known as ethnobotany. Over 300 native plants in this garden represent a small part of the astonishing biodiversity in California. Go to the Ethnobotany Garden Learning Center.

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The Aquatic Biology Learning Center

Our research facility supports the ongoing scientific research that aims to answer important questions about our world's aquatic environments. University students and faculty are making great strides to learn more about our world. Go to the Aquatic Biology Learning Center.

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The Mesozoic Garden and Learning Center

To learn about the ancient past, step into an outdoor classroom surrounded by living fossils! With the help from plant representatives of the dinosaur age and the ancient rocks that were there, our Mesozoic garden tells a remarkable story about the past. Go to the Mesozoic Garden and Learning Center.

Project Blue

Project Blue

To learn more about Cal Poly Pomona’s natural springs that run throughout our campus. Go to the Project Blue page.

Wildlands of Cal Poly

The Wildlands of Cal Poly

There are other outdoor classrooms to find on the Cal Poly Pomona campus! You have only to look around and you might find surviving witnesses of our past natural landscape. Go to the Wildlands of Cal Poly.