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Mesozoic Plants

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The Mesozoic was "The Age of Cycads!"

Cycads were once worldwide, has outlived the dinosaurs, and is roughly 320 million years old.

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Conifers dominated the landscape during the Mesozoic when the dinosaurs lived.

These slow-growing evergreen trees and shrubs probably constituted the majority of the herbivrous dinosaur's diets. Towards the end of the Jurassic period, flowering plants became the dominant flora.

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These fast-growing, resiliant plants were a source of food for plant-eating dinosaurs that lived in moist areas.

Club mosses, horsetails, and ferns are part of a group of primitive vascular plants that make up the Pteridophytes. These plants reproduce with spores that germinate only in moist areas and also with rhizomes (underground stems) that dinosaurs could not eat.

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