Core courses for major

Required of all business majors. A 2.0 cumulative GPA is required in core courses, including option courses for the major, in order to receive a degree in the major.

  • FRL 2013  - Legal Environment of Business Transactions
  • ACC 207A - Financial Accounting for Decision-Making
  • ACC 208A - Managerial Accounting for Decision-Making
  • MHR 3010 - Principles of Management
  • MHR 3020 - Multicultural Organizational Behavior
  • IBM 3012 - Principles of Marketing Management
  • FRL 3000 - Managerial Finance 
  • CIS 3100 - Management Information Systems
  • TOM 3010 - Operations Management
  • TOM 3020 - Managerial Statistics

MHR required courses

  • MHR 3410 - Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship
  • MHR 3210 - Human Resources Management
  • BUS 3000 - Communications for Management
  • MHR 4010 - Emerging Issues in Management
  • Select four - units from
    • Internship in Business Management MHR 4410
      • or
    • Senior Project MHR 4610

General Education courses

(Required of all students)

There are a variety of ways of meeting General Education requirements of the university, including the high-quality Interdisciplinary General Education (IGE) Program. For the best advice, see the College of Business Advising Office in Building 6. The comments below pertain to recent curriculum sheets.

In the standard GE plan, students select courses in five curriculum areas from among those listed each quarter in the Schedule of Classes. Most of these courses also can be taken at or transferred from community colleges.

Career emphasis programs

There are five alternative career emphasis programs in the major. Each program involves a minimum of four required courses supplemented by optional upper-division courses and career-related electives that may include lower-division work such as those acquired in developing computer proficiency.


Curriculum Sheet (PDF)

Roadmap (PDF)



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