Management and Human Resources

Senior Project

Senior Project (MHR 4610) - exclusively for students with senior status.

All MHR students must complete 3 units of either Senior Project (MHR 4610) or an Internship (MHR 4410 or MHR 4420). Senior Project is an in-depth research-oriented undertaking that usually takes one or two semesters to complete under the direct supervision of a faculty member.

To enroll for Senior Project, please add MHR 4610 in BroncoDirect during the period of open enrollment.

Senior Project can take different forms:

  1. Traditional Senior Project - It is an opportunity to learn more about a Management and/or HR topic by conducting a primary or secondary research study.

  2. Project-Based Senior Project - Focuses on solving specific business problems for an organization. Some examples might include; Training manuals or programs, Employee-related surveys, Feasibility Studies.

  3. Business Plan Senior Project - In this class you are working specifically on your/a business plan as your project. You will have the opportunity to work with an expert in Business Plan Development.

After enrolling in the class, students will select one of these three modalities in consultation with their professor.