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Cal Poly Pomona Kids Activities and Resources for Educational Support (CPP KARES)

CPP KARES is a site developed by Cal Poly Pomona students providing Southern California parents/caregivers of children aged 0-12 with access to educational activities and resources that can assist with educating children at home during the school closures. Click "Age/Grade Levels" in the navigation menu to find educational activities compliant with the California Common Core Standards based on age or grade level and subject. The navigation menu also provides resources to stay up to date with caring for yourself, your children and their education, and COVID-19 news relevant to Southern California.

Watch this video from the CPP KARES team to learn more about CPP KARES and how to use the website. 

How You Can Support CPP KARES

We would love to hear from you! The CPP KARES Team wants to post content relevant to your children. Please let us know where your children's school left off in lessons so we can do our best to provide relevant activities that will help them continue their education this year.

We also accept submissions of activities, lessons, and resources! Download the submission form here and email it to cppkares@gmail.com. Thank you for supporting this effort!

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