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Second Grade

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Language and Literacy

Mini Business Tycoons

This fun and creative activity will teach children how to build their own business. (Designed by a Cal Poly Pomona Student).

Happy Memories

Children will write a story about their happiest memory. (Designed by Cal Poly Pomona Student).

Summer Children's Storytime

CPP Library and ECS Dept. collaborate to bring you Zoom workshops for young children that include read-alouds and activities

Read Out Loud--Before She Was Harriet

Listen to the life story of Harriet Tubman, a savior to many enslaved people in the 1800s

Learning Library

Learning Library is a Preschool through 5th Grade website with easy printable worksheets, online games, guided lessons, lessons plans, and more for all different subjects.


Math Playground

Learn and practice mathematical concepts by grade level. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find a menu listing learning games.

Counting and Sorting M&Ms

In this activity children are not only grapsing the concept of counting and sorting, but sharing amoungst friends or family members so everyone can have an equal share (Designed by a Cal Poly Pomona Student).


Water Cycle

Children will create and label their own water cycle diagram.

How to Make a Catapult Box

Chidlren will learn how to make a catapult box using critical thinking skills while having fun! (Designed by a Cal Poly Pomona Student).

How to Make a Balloon Catapult

Did you know there are so many different way to create energy? This fun way to launch a balloon is simple and fun! (Designed by a Cal Poly Pomona Student).

How to Make a Bird Feeder

Children will learn how to create their very own bird feeder (Designed by a Cal Poly Pomona Student).

Color Changing Flower

Description: The activity is to notice how plants get water from the soil. The activity focuses on a carnation flower's ability to observe water and to see a cause and effect process of adding food coloring into water.

Sky Colors

Description: Children will be able to identify why the sky looks blue in the day and red at sunset.


Description: THE QUARKED! PROJECT has a wide range of engaging multimedia and hands-on materials to introduce the exciting world of particle physics to kids ages 7 and up, and their families.

Science games for kids

Description: Learn about forces in action as you experiment how gradients, weights, motion and resistance affect the movement of various objects with this fun science activity.

Optics 4 Kids

Description: Explore the Science of light!

Boston's Children Musuem

Visit the Boston Children’s Museum without even leaving your living room

Check out Mars

Explore the surface of Mars with this digital 360° camera.

Visual and Performing Arts

How to Make a Christmas Tree Themed Holiday Card

With this activity, children will be able to express their creativity with how they choose to decorate their own Christmas tree! (Designed by Cal Poly Student)

Rock Painting

This activity will teach children how to paint small rocks and turn them into ladybugs! (Desgined by Cal Poly Student)

Let's Make A Family Tree

Children will learn about their families, family history, and how to make their own family tree.

Family Christmas Tree

Children will create a Christmas tree and learn more about their family history.

Multiple Subject

Word Search and Crossword Puzzles

Have your child solve these festive puzzles from the Teacher Corner website. Ideas within this section include: thematic units, easy craft ideas, bulletin boards, coloring sheets, and Internet resources. 


Seesaw is a website that guides second graders in remote learning activities on different subjects.

2nd Grade Kids Learning Videos Compilation

AWESOME!!! These 2nd Grade kids learning videos are fun! This compilation includes roman numerals, adjectives, solids and liquids and much more!! Second grade learning is a blast with Homeschool Pop!

National Geographic For Kids

Children can watch videos, play games, and learn about animals, nature and the world around them.

Defying Gravity

In this activity, children will demonstrate magnetic force. (Designed by Cal Poly Student)

Cloud Watching

Have kids recreate their favorite cloud with cotton balls to show the thickness of a real cloud. (Designed by Cal Poly Student)