Center for Community Engagement

Fourth Grade

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History and Social Science

Intersectionality 101

Understand the concept of intersectionality and why it is important to helping individual people succeed.

Listen to Before She Was Harriet by Lesa Cline-Ransome

Listen to the life story of Harriet Tubman, a savior to many enslaved people in the 1800's

Write a Diary Entry: 19th Century Indigenous Massacres

Learn about the persecution and massacres committed against native Californians during the second half of the 1800s. Write a journal entry from the perspective of an indigenous Californian

Write to a Government Official

Learn about the three levels of government and how they serve their constituents by listening to their needs.

On Whose Land Are You?

Before settlers moved in, the United States was inhabited by many Indigenous tribes, and they lived in regions that can be vaguely mapped out. Whose land used to be where you live?

Language and Literacy

How to Make A Flying Origami Crane

Children will create a folding origami crane.

Read Across America: The Lorax

Enjoy this read-aloud of The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.

Read Across America: Fox in Socks

Enjoy this read-aloud of Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss.

Read Across America: The Giving Tree

Enjoy this read-aloud of The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.

Read Across America: If I Ran the Circus

Enjoy this read-aloud of If I Ran the Circus by Dr. Seuss.

Correct Me if I'm Wrong: Common Grammar Mistakes

Learn about the importance of grammar through a worksheet full of silly grammatical errors

Poetry in Action

Learn how to read, understand, and write poems. 


Measuring Target Heart Rate

Learn about your target heart while learning new mathematical concepts rate and how to measure it

Math Playground

Learn and practice mathematical concepts by grade level. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find a menu listing learning games.

4th Grade Geometry Measurement Activity

Grab some paper, tape, a marker, and some coloring utensils to make a colorful sheet of geometric shapes. Then find the angles, lines, rays, segments, and points that naturally formed in your work of art.

Place Value

Child will learn how to create a place value chart.

Physical Education

Measuring Your Active Heart Rate

Learn how to count your heartbeats to determine your active heart rate. *Target heart rate calculation in video description

Curl-ups & Push-ups Challenge

Learn how to do curl-ups, oblique curl-ups, traditional and modified push-ups, and tricep push-ups safely. Then challenge your friends to a competition!

P.E. Throwing Game

Try this competitive race game with someone at home. Grab a pair of socks and empty trash can, and see who can score 3 baskets first with some physical challenges in between.


Can You Eat the Moon?

In this activity we will create a plate full of moon phases using yummy oreos! (Designed by a Cal Poly Pomona Student).

Science games for kids

Description: Learn about forces in action as you experiment how gradients, weights, motion and resistance affect the movement of various objects with this fun science activity.

30 Impressive Science Experiments and Activities

Try out these science experiments to explore and learn about biology, chemistry, physics and much more!

Optics 4 Kids

Description: Explore the Science of light!


Description: THE QUARKED! PROJECT has a wide range of engaging multimedia and hands-on materials to introduce the exciting world of particle physics to kids ages 7 and up, and their families.


Children will be creating their own models of fossils to discover just how fossils are created, adn what we learn from these remnants of the past (Designed by Cal Poly Student).

Cloud Watching

Have kids recreate their favorite cloud with cotton balls to show the thickness of a real cloud (Designed by Cal Poly Student).

Visual and Performing Arts

How to make Ornament theme Christmas Cards

With this activity, children will be able to express their creativity with their choice of color for the ornaments, and share their Christmas spirit with their loved ones! (Designed by a Cal Poly Pomona Student)

How to Make a Christmas Tree Themed Holiday Card

With this activity, children will be able to express their creativity with how they choose to decorate their Christmas tree! (Designed by a Cal Poly Pomona Student)

Create Your Own Theme Music

Understand music as an art form, how it inspires listeners, and then create your own song!

Make an Hojalata Decoration

A traditional Mexican form of art is called "Hojalata" (pronounced "oh-ha-la-ta"), and it is used to decorate practical items like jewelry boxes or works as decoration itself. For this activity, you will need aluminum or tin foil, paper plates, and colored sharpies or paints and brushes.

Let's Make A Family Tree

Children will learn about their families, family history, and how to make their own family tree.

Pumpkin Count

Students will create a fun halloween craft and challenge themselves by thinking about the number of shapes they need to make their pumpkin look good and scary

Goals for New Year

Looking to create some new goals for the New Year?