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0 - 2 Months

Summer Children's Storytime

CPP Library and ECS Dept. collaborate to bring you Zoom workshops for young children that include read-alouds and activities

Baby Play

How to play with 0-3 month old newborn: brain development activities! 

Touch and Talk

Description: This activity involves the infant to listen to your voice and using fine motor skills to grab objects.

2 - 5 Months

Playing Drums

Description: This activity involves allowing the baby to play drums to improve his or her auditory, rhyme, sense of cause and effect skills.

Relaxing Mozart

NAP TIME! The 3 hour Brain Development Lullaby Music is perfect to put your baby fast asleep. Good for babies of all ages!

6 - 9 Months


Description: Provide child with different objects that could be found around the house, that are soft, hard, fluffy, scratchy, and slimy. The teacher will introduce these new textures while baby is eating, sleeping, dressing, or playing outdoors.

Fluffy Bin

Description: Making a fluffy bin takes just a second!

10 - 12 Months

10 great games for babies

Description: Baby Center - “You've been tickling your baby and playing peekaboo for months – now it's time to change things up! Watch this video to see 10 creative games that you and your little one will both enjoy.”

Saying Good Night with Elmo and Andrea Bocelli's

It's time to say Goodnight as Andrea Bocelli sings a lullaby to furry red friend Elmo from Sesame Street.

12 - 18 months

Learning about Skin with Elmo

Elmo is talking with his good friend Lupita about skin. Skin comes in all different textures and shades of color. Elmo's skin is very ticklish. Lupita's skin is a beautiful brown color. There are so many possibilities - ticklish or smooth, black, brown, white, or tan - love the skin you have!

Tub Time Fun

Check out the many activites you can do for your little one while they are taking a bath.

All Ages- Infancy

Story Time - Pig the Pug

Children will get to listen to the story of "Pig the Pug."

Autumn Leaves are Falling Down - By the Learning Station

Sing to your infant a popular season song called "Autumn Leaves are Falling Down."

Five Little Pumpkins

Sing to your infant a popular season song called Five Little Pumpkins. Show your little one with your fingers how many pumpkins are on the screen.