Career Resources

This page is intended to highlight different career opportunities for CPP History majors, by providing useful general internet links, as well as more profession-specific videos and other documents about careers in public history, teaching, and law.


General Resources


American Historical Association (AHA)

The AHA has created a really useful website that provides links about various career possibilities for History majors. The overall link is below, as well as a specific page devoted to "careers for history majors."

Overall career resources (AHA) 

Careers for History majors (AHA)


Cal Poly Pomona Career Center

Click the link below to access CPP's Career Center!

Cal Poly Pomona Career Center 


Profession-Specific Info

Click on the expandable sections below to find material (videos and documents!) about public history, secondary teaching, and law-related careers.

Here are links to two discussions about public history that occured in the Fall 2020 semester, facilitated by Dr. Eileen Wallis. 


Dec. 3, 2020 - Erin Bartram, Social Program Coordinator at the Mark Twain House and Museum (Hartford, Conn.), leading a discussion about "Public History in the Time of Covid-19."




Oct. 22, 2020 -- Ira Pemstein, CPP History alum, Supervisory Archivist, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum, discussing: “How to Become an Archivist” and “A History of Presidential Libraries” 



If you are intersting in teaching, you should definitely opt for the pre-credential option of the History Major, which meets the subject matter competency requirement for prospective teachers seeking a California Single Subject Credential in Social Science.  The Pre-Credential Option allows students to qualify for a fifth-year credential program and is especially suited for students who want to teach history or social science in middle and high schools. 

CPP History Pre-Credential Option - Road Maps and Curriculum Guide


Pre-Credential to Credential

In the video below, Dr. Michael Slaughter (pre-credential advisor) outlines the steps you will need to take to go from the pre-credential option to obtaining your single-subject credential.




Thinking about the legal profession and going to law school? Here is a brief overview of what that might entail (courtesy of Dr. Rob Lewis, who is not a lawyer but whose spouse has been an attorney for over a decade).