This page lists the advising resources and contacts for Cal Poly Pomona history students. 

  • For general advising (GE classes, University procedures, etc.) -- contact the CLASS Student Success Center (Bldg 5, Room 228; 909-979-5711 or 909-979-5712)

  • For History advising (course selection; the history "core" sequence; senior thesis; the pre-credential or general options; career options, etc.) -- see section 1 (History Advising)
  • For Special history advising (pre-credential; at-risk; Honors College; graduate students) -- see section 2 (Special history advising)


History Advising

  • History majors are strongly encouraged to consult their advisor at least once each semester (ideally before registering for the next semester's courses.

  • If you have an advising hold, you are required to consult your advisor in order to have it lifted.

  • If you are an entering freshman, new transfer student, or thinking about becoming a History major or History minor, you should meet with Dr. Daniel Lewis, the department chair (dklewis@cpp.edu).


History majors and potential majors: while you are free to discuss your academic progress with any faculty member, we assign official advisors to majors alphabetically as follows:


Last Name Begins with:  Advisor Advisor E-mail
A, B Dr. David DeVore ddevore@cpp.edu
C, D, E Dr. Zuoyue Wang zywang@cpp.edu
F, G, H Dr. Eileen Wallis evwallis@cpp.edu
I, J, K, L Dr. Rob Lewis rwlewis@cpp.edu
M, N, O Dr. Rachael Hill rahill@cpp.edu
P, Q, R Dr. Rachel Van rtvan@cpp.edu
S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, or Z Dr. John Lloyd jplloyd@cpp.edu


 Special History Advising

  • If your advisor is on leave you may choose to see another advisor or you may make an appointment to see Dr. Daniel Lewis (dklewis@cpp.edu)

  • All students who have selected the Pre-Credential Option of the major should consult with Dr. Michael Slaughter at the start of their junior year (maslaughter@cpp.edu).

  • History majors who are "At Risk"  (those whose GPA is at or below 2.2), those who are part of the "Four-Year Pledge" program, those who receive Veterans benefits or are part of the ROTC program should make an appointment with Dr. Daniel Lewis (dklewis@cpp.edu).

  • History majors in the Kellogg Honors College should meet with Dr. Daniel Lewis (dklewis@cpp.edu) 

  • History graduate students should meet with Dr. Rachel Van (rtvan@cpp.edu