General History Option

The general history option of the History Major offers a flexible curriculum for students who want a history major with maximum choice of general education courses and electives. This Option is designed for students who have career goals other than teaching at middle or high schools. It provides a foundation for those seeking pre-professional training in law, business, civil service, and graduate work leading to a master's degree or doctorate.

Click the links below to access curriculum sheets and road maps for the general history option. Please note that there are slightly different versions, depending on WHEN you started at CPP.

Semester curriculum (for students who are starting at Cal Poly Pomona in Fall 2023 or later)

Semester curriculum (for students who started at Cal Poly Pomona in the 2022-23 academic year).


Semester curriculum (for students who started at Cal Poly Pomona between Fall 2018 and Spring 2022)