History Minor

The History Minor carries advantages associated with the History Major, yet can usually be completed without spending additional time at the University. The History Minor, which appears on the transcript, provides evidence of systematic study of humankind's past, exposure to a wide array of related human activities, and the ability to analyze and communicate the dynamics of complicated phenomena.  For prospective employers, completion of the History Minor suggests a candidate who possesses broader perspectives, greater cultural depth, and superior communication skills.


History Minor -- CPP Catalog (2023-24)



  1. Successful completion of HST 1101, HST 1102 and HST 2201

  2. Successful completion of five additional history classes, of which at least three must be upper-division (HST 3300 or higher)

  3. Students interested in the history minor may meet with the History Department Chair, Dr. Daniel Lewis (dklewis@cpp.edu).