Share Your News and Events with CLASS

The CLASS communication team would like to promote the activities that highlight our diversity. We encourage you to share your information on the form below.

What to send

Below is a guide on the type of information we would like to share, however, it is not a complete list:

  • Student accomplishments (teams or individuals), noteworthy activities, and awards (conference presentations, notable projects, community outreach, club programming)
  • Faculty special talks, workshops, scholarly activity, grants, publications, and accomplishments
  • Alumni profiles and success stories
  • Faculty, student, staff, alumni in the news
  • Staff accomplishments, noteworthy activities, and awards
  • Club Fundraisers and activities open to all CLASS students
  • Workshops or events open to all CLASS students (speakers, workshops, forums)
  • Story ideas on alumni, students, faculty, and staff

When submitting keep in mind

  • The basics of who, what, when, where, and how should be included
  • Images should be of high quality (no poorly lit, poorly framed images, blurred faces, or poor resolution), and have a compelling narrative to go with them
  • Write-ups should be concise, basic speech, grammatically correct, and contain a suggested title and byline (News releases, as a rule, should not be longer than 1½ pages, double-spaced)
  • Content must not contain any copyrighted images or plagiarized content

For news story consideration, please send information at least two weeks in advance. If given in less than two weeks, it is less likely to be publicized.

For questions, please contact Diana Cansino, Communications Specialist for the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences.

Phone: 909.869.4299